Easy Way to Combine Multiple PDF Files Into One

Wed. 01 Feb. 20235483 Mins

Merging PDF files means combining several files into a single file. Although it sounds simple, merging files has many aspects that we can dive into.


Combining files into one can be very helpful if you frequently deal with a whole bunch of documents. If you are a student, merge files can be a way to keep your documents organized. Collecting as much material as possible from your professors or from the internet is commonplace for a student. But if the material you collected is all over the place, you will find it difficult to find the material you want when you need it.


Whether you work in an educational institution, healthcare industry, marketing team, or law firm, you will probably handle a lot of documents on your own or with your team. When you don't organize them, they will scatter all over the place. The number of unorganized documents can also hamper your work. In such a case, you may need specific information but because the documents are not put together, you must go through them one by one and it's time-consuming.


This is where combining files into one will come in handy. With this feature, you can combine many documents into one file. Here is how you can merge multiple documents into one with Adobe Acrobat. 


How to Merge Documents with Adobe Acrobat DC?

  1. Launch Adobe Acrobat DC;

  2. Open Tools tab -> Combine Files;

  3. Click Add Files and select the files you want to combine;

  4. Click Combine Files. 


Many people use Adobe Acrobat, but there is no denying that many users have also stopped using it and turned to other PDF tools. Why? 


Why Do People Gradually Turn Away From Adobe Acrobat DC?

Adobe requires you to pay for subscriptions for eternity to access your files. Many users stop using Adobe because it's too overpriced. Adobe is also known for being heavy and sluggish to a long list of security weaknesses. Users often experience crashes when opening or using this software. In addition, the interface is too for users making it hard to find certain features. These are some of the reasons why many users have chosen another PDF tool over Adobe.


The Ultimate Adobe Acrobat Alternative Solution

In an era where competition for IT-based companies is fierce, budgets are becoming tighter. The question is: Can you get an alternative to Adobe Acrobat DC at a much lower cost with the same quality? The answer is yes, you can. PDF Reader Pro offers several compelling reasons why it is an alternative solution to Adobe Acrobat DC.

  • Better value: Adobe Acrobat DC is more than four times more expensive than PDF Reader Pro. At an affordable price, you can get a permanent license, and similar features and uses.

  • Effective cost: PDF Reader Pro requires no additional cost to upgrade once you have paid for the license - making it way more economical than Adobe Acrobat.

  • Faster: PDF Reader Pro won't make you wait too long while downloading updates or opening PDFs.

  • User-friendly interface: PDF Reader Pro provides a clean and easy-to-understand interface. Adobe Acrobat DC has a complicated interface-making PDF Reader Pro a smart choice for Adobe Acrobat alternatives.

  • Save more space: You will find no bloatware with PDF Reader Pro. You can download and upgrade this software without wasting your precious storage space.


Get to Know PDF Reader Pro:

  • In 2022, G2, the largest and most trusted software marketplace, awarded PDF Reader Pro, The High Performers in Fall 2022 and Winter 2023.

  • PDF Reader Pro has been used by over 90 million users worldwide across 200 countries.

  • PDF Reader Pro is one of the best PDF editing software on the market. It allows you to edit, annotate, merge, compress, convert, e-sign, and many more on various platforms.


So make sure to download PDF Reader Pro right now. If you don’t have the software yet, DOWNLOAD PDF Reader Pro here.



Merge Files Easily with PDF Reader Pro - Superior PDF Editor for Beginners

PDF Reader Pro is a PDF editor tool that can do anything including combining your documents into one within seconds. PDF Reader Pro has a clean and simple interface that is easily understood by new users or those of you who have never used PDF reader software before. Merge tools are available for both Mac and Windows versions. Follow the steps below to combine your files into one.


Windows Version

  1. Launch PDF Reader Pro;

  2. At Home page, click Merge in Quick Tools;



  1. Or click Editor on the toolbar -> Merge;



  1. Click Add Files to select files, press CTRL to select multiple files at once -> click Open;



  1. Click Merge -> select location to save the file -> Click Save.


Mac Version

  1. Launch PDF Reader Pro;

  2. At Home page, click Merge in Advanced Editing Tools;



  1. Or click Editor on the toolbar -> Merge;



  1. Or click Tools on the Main Menu -> Select Editor -> Merge;



  1. Click Add Files to select files, press Command to select multiple files at once or drag and drop files to the Merge window -> click Open;



  1. Click Append.


Voila! Easy right? PDF Reader Pro was also considered one of the best PDF merger tools in 2022. With that result, there is no denying that PDF Reader Pro is an excellent merger tool for you.


What Else Can PDF Reader Pro Offer?

Besides being an excellent merger tool, PDF Reader Pro also has a myriad of other features that can make your work easier in handling PDFs. With PDF Reader Pro, you can annotate, edit, compress, convert(to Office, jpg, text), sign, and split your documents, all in one.


If you have already downloaded PDF Reader Pro, you must know how easy it is to combine documents into one with this software. If you haven’t, DOWNLOAD PDF Reader Pro now and don’t miss it. If you have any problems, feel free to contact us at [email protected].


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