Desktop vs Online PDF Editor - Which One to Choose?

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Still stuck in working from home or in the office surrounded by stacks of PDFs? The brightest minds have already used the PDF Editor for convenience. However, many people are torn between desktop or online PDF editors without a solution. This article will compare the desktop and online PDF editors in more detail so as to make a better selection.

Differences between desktop and online PDF editors

Differences between desktop and online PDF editors

Desktop vs Online PDF Editor

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Actually, the main difference between the two is that the desktop version is a computer program, such as PDF Reader Pro, a reputable PDF editor that runs locally on your Mac or Windows, while the online PDF editor requires an internet connection. Next, let's focus on the benefits and disadvantages of desktop or online PDF editors referring to the following three factors.

Features & Free to use 

While choosing a PDF editor, the first that comes into mind is its versatility and ease of use, which means you can edit your PDFs more freely and, in a sense, saves your time effectively.

PDF Reader Pro desktop version is an all-in-one PDF editor for anyone who reads, highlights, OCR, signs, converts, creates, protects, compresses and fills out PDFs on their Mac or Windows. This full-featured powerhouse makes it easy to organize, annotate and edit your PDF library. Open files from your computer, then complete forms, add freehand drawings and notes and more.

PDF Reader Pro Desktop main features are:

  • Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT unlimited

  • Organize pages, split, merge, insert, delete

  • Create & Fill out forms and sign documents

  • Edit & Modify PDF text

  • Bates Numbering & Watermarks available

  • OCR PDFs & Scanned images into editable files

PDF editor online is an extension of desktop that allows you to handle PDF files using your web browser directly. It is a free open-source system for manipulating PDF documents. It allows you to edit, view and annotate PDF files. 

PDF editor online main features are:

  • Navigate & Open the PDF files

  • Create & Add and save comments directly inside the file

  • Add page numbers & Watermarks

  • Sign & Organize your PDFs

It's easy to discover that the functions of PDF editor desktop and online are closely related. Desktop PDF Reader Pro can integrate many more functions within one application, which means it can deal with more complex documents in a short period without the restriction of the Internet. However, while concerning one-time tasks with some simple operations, the online version is a pretty choice as well. 

PDFs Security & Privacy  

Data breaches are on the rise, making information security and privacy top priorities for everyone. This trend, coupled with the expansion of data privacy laws around the world, has led to the growing realization that a privacy-protected PDF Editor is a must-have PDF tool for data protection and regulatory compliance. That is to say, the privacy and security of the edited PDF documents involving confidential contents are one of the big concerns while using a PDF editor.

For desktop PDF Reader Pro, it is a reputable and trustworthy PDF editor with no worries of information leaks. It can be installed directly from the website, filling no bank accounts or any other accounts. PDF files will be stored within your device instead of being sent to the server. Thus, you can handle your sensitive personal documents like medical records or bank statements with ease.

As to online PDF editors, it always processes your uploaded PDFs on the cloud servers, and most editors will keep the processed files a little while for the users for later downloads, increasing vulnerability for document leaking. All in all, it would be better not to manage confidential files using online tools, and if you still want to have a try, please select the ones that have been around for a long time and check their privacy policies.


Desktop PDF editor is usually paid with the convenience of editing numerous PDFs offline. PDF Reader Pro Windows costs you only $ 39.99 to get a permanent license for our all-in-one PDF editor. PDF Reader Pro Mac is a PDF powerhouse that offers you two options: Premium & Permanent license. It can be exciting to try to spend time on a large scale of PDFs with it.

Online PDF tools mainly benefit from advertisements to free you from expenses, registration, extra subscription fees or upgrading plans. You can simply upload your PDF files as instructed and download them once completed. It is a completely free process, but sometimes there may be a free limit, for instance, twice a day. If you exceed the free limit, you have to pay. This will be truly helpful if you’d like to edit your PDFs quickly.

These three factors, internal or external, can jointly account for your choice towards desktop or online PDF editor. Altogether, what to choose is totally dependent on your specific needs. And if you prefer a desktop PDF editor, PDF Reader Pro Windows & Mac is your best bet! 

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