What Is Rich Text Format (RTF)? Understanding and Using it

Tue. 27 Jun. 20237693 Mins

Usually, the default text formatting of word processing software is the best choice, so why do we need to understand and use other file formats? Each format has its own appropriate and specific scenario, such as Word being suitable for writing articles and reports that require a lot of text processing; Excel is more suitable for statistical analysis of numbers, or creating simple calculations similar to spreadsheets; PowerPoint is suitable for situations that require making and presenting slides, like conference speeches and classroom presentations. 


By the way, do you know what is RTF? When do we need to use it? The answer will be revealed in the following paragraphs.


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What is RTF Format?

RTF (Rich Text Format) is a text format supporting cross-systems and cross-manufacturer exchange, reading, and editing, which is developed by Microsoft in 1987. It has general settings like font settings (bold, italics, underline, etc.) and page layout options (page margins, line spacing, tab width, text alignment, etc.) 


RTF has two features that are highly valued by many users. The first is that it can be read and edited almost anywhere and with any word processor, making it very convenient and reducing the need to consider file compatibility issues. The second is that RTF is less susceptible to viruses and malware attacks because it doesn’t contain macros, which are often targeted by malicious tools. As a result, when should people consider using files in RTF format, and how can they utilize this format effectively?


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When Will We Use an RTF File?

No matter what operating systems (such as Linux, Unix, Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, etc.) can read and edit RTF files. So, it is suitable for people who want to send and edit files across different operating systems and devices. For example, when you work with Windows PC at the company while using Mac at home, you can export your file in RTF on Microsoft WordPad and send the file via an email account. And you can read it on Apple TextEdit successfully.


Also, RTF can keep its formatting while open with different versions of the word processing programs. Hence, it is convenient for you if you need to edit files without knowing the version of word processing software. For example, if you save a document in an older version of Word, you can read it well in the most recent version.


When Do You Need to Convert PDF to RTF?

When people decide on the best file format, they sometimes compare PDF with RTF. Although PDF has many advantages including higher security and more complete text formatting, PDF cannot replace RTF in certain situations. For example, if you want to forward a PDF format contract to your client who uses different operating systems to fill out, but they don’t have a PDF reader or editor to open it with, then you can convert the PDF document to the RTF file format to complete the work. Another example is when you are organizing a book with rich information such as images and tables, but your colleague only requires the text content, converting the PDF format into the universal RTF format will be a better choice, which also can keep text formatting but a smaller file size.


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