6 Benefits of Having Video Editing Tool for Your Business

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Humans are highly visual creatures when it comes to absorbing, processing, and retaining information. A recent study on visual learning says that the average human being is capable of recalling up to 65% of all the visual information he comes in contact with 10 days later as opposed to retaining just 10% of what he acquired through hearing.


This is why infographics, posters, and even PDF documents converted to Office format with the best PDF to Office Converter, are very effective conveyors of information. That said, video is unanimously the king of visual content.


Videos are the most compelling and engaging kind of content. They attract the most attention, enjoy longer attention span than most content types, and, given today's technology, can be shared in an instant. And that's just a scratch on the proverbial surface.


Given people’s very short attention span, it’s amazing how videos are able to keep people focused on the message, appeal to their emotions, and empower them to perform specific actions. Great videos with compelling stories and messages are potent business tools, which is why your business needs to have the best video editing software. And Filmage Screen may be your last and best video editor software.

Content of Table:

1. Create a Regular Supply of Videos

2. Save Money

3. Create Videos In A Flash

4. Convince/Engage Target Consumers

5. Attack The Competition

6. Investing In Skills

7. Filmage Screen: Your Best Video Editor & Converter, Screen Recorder

Video Editing Software

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1. Create a Regular Supply of Videos

It's hard to imagine any business organization, regardless of size, surviving, much less thriving, in this age without launching a video marketing effort of some sort.

Videos have become a crucial component in business strategy and growth. So critical that according to a 2019 survey on the state of video marketing, 85% of business enterprises include video as core ingredients in their marketing campaign.

But producing video content can be quite expensive if you are hiring professional video production crews to do it for you. The ballpark figure for a basic video ad is at least $1,200. Premium videos can set your company back $50,000.

A one-time investment may be doable if you have the budget. But consumers place a huge premium on freshness. Unless your one-time video advertisement becomes a viral sensation, you need to have a regular and steady supply of videos if your aim is to keep your target consumers engaged and generate organic traffic.

Calling on a video production company every time you want to produce a video is downright impractical. But the good news is that not all videos used for business purposes need to be of the same quality as that of a commercially produced feature.

With a top video editing software solution, you can DIY your way to creating engaging video content for your websites, blogs, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media channels. You can invest in a reliable video editing suite and create a regular supply of video content without shelling out a large sum from your budget.

2. Save Money

As detailed in the first point above, commissioning a professional video production company can create a serious dent in your business budget. The cost of making a video for commercial purposes can range between $1,200 to $50,000 per video, depending on the quality. That's a lot of money, especially if you are running a small business and have limited financial resources.

Investing in a video editing solution offers a more affordable option. There are tons of free video editing tools available online. Paid software solutions carry the best features and functionalities.

The best video editing software for Mac computers costs $299.99. A top video editing suite for Windows is priced $20 to $50 per month. Even with a price tag, they won't hurt your company's wallet as opposed to hiring a video production crew to create your video.

3. Create Videos In A Flash

How many times did you have an amazing idea for a video pop in your head? Were you able to work on it immediately? Did you place that idea in the back seat and let it simmer a bit? Or did you totally forgot about that amazing concept and let it vanish into the void of your brain?

A video editing software solution is a great thing to have especially if you're a creative individual who has tons of concepts in his or her bag. You can create and experiment with your materials and come up with amazing videos that don't only garner people's attention but have the potential to go viral as well.

When you have this exciting concept of a video that no one has done before, or if you have raw footage that can resonate with your target consumers, having a video editing suite in hand allows you to make that video before anyone else. You have that distinctive advantage of becoming first and only. In the business world, being first is vital becoming significant and competitive.

Video Editing Software

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4. Convince/Engage Target Consumers

If you want to engage your target buyers and convince them that your brand is the best option for them, you have to do it with video content.

The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing reveals that video (54%) is the leading type of content consumers expect from brands and businesses they support. Emails/newsletters (46%) are a distant second while social images (41%) round up the top three.

The same report reveals that videos have a more convincing effect on consumers. Landing pages with videos are capable of achieving over 80% conversion rates.

From a consumer's perspective, 84% say that they have been convinced to purchase a product or subscribe to service after watching a video. This is why the explainer video (72%) is the most created type of video content, followed by presentation videos (49%) and testimonial videos (48%).

Explainer videos are not just utilized for business. They have also been used for employee training and development, tutorials, as well as academic learning. Speaking of learning, this learning management system comparison provides you with a detailed picture of the best LMS in the market if you are shopping for one.

You also have to know where to engage them. Several studies and statistics show that the mobile platform attracts the biggest video audience. That means your videos and other materials must be optimized for mobile devices if you want to have a big audience and great engagement.

5. Attack The Competition

Occasionally, some businesses take a swipe at other enterprises. And there is no better platform to showcase the rivalry than video commercials.

Videos are an excellent type of content in highlighting specific features and strengths of your products/services while pointing out the flaws and liabilities of your competitors.

A classic example is a series of a commercial where Samsung pokes fun at the iPhone's lack of useful functionalities. In the United States, using the competitor's trademark is legal under certain laws. But because comparative advertising casts the competition in a negative light, videos of such nature are strictly scrutinized prior to public release.

Also, when you need to make a quick response to your competitors or catch up with them, a video editing software solution equips you with the tools to stage a dramatic comeback.

6. Investing In Skills

There is no denying how investing in a video editing software can be beneficial to your business.

People watch videos on a regular basis and it's a channel for businesses must capitalize on if they are to drive their business to more growth and massive success. In their press statement, YouTube announced that they have over 2 billion people using their platform, spending a total of 1 billion hours watching different video types.

With so many people watching videos on a regular basis, it is imperative for business organizations to tap into videos and discover business opportunities they can't find anywhere else.

But investing in a video editing software is just a step. Unless you have the skills to match the system, it doesn't matter if you have the best video editor for Mac or Windows if you don't know how to use it.

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