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How to Create a New PDF from Images

You can create PDFs from multiple image files of diverse formats such as PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP, JIF, and TIFF, in one operation. This method is useful when you must combine a large number of images to PDF.


Create PDF from Single Image

1. Run PDF Reader Pro iOS -> Go to Documents light_tabbar_ic_file@2x;

2. Click light_ic_add@2x on the top of your screen and select Import Images;

3. Select image(s) in Photos from your device, then click Done to confirm the importation. The images imported will be saved in Documents;

4. Choose one image to open and enter the reading page, click light_ic_share@2x (1) and select Save to PDF. This image PDF will be directly saved in Documents;

5. Alternatively, click 图标/light_ic_more2@2x of a specific image imported and choose Convert light_ic_convert@2x so that the image can be saved to PDF quickly.


Create PDF from One or More Images

1. Run PDF Reader Pro -> Go to Scanner light_tabbar_ic_scan@2x (1);

2. Click the Camera icon on the bottom right of your screen. You can take new photos, or directly import from your device by clicking Album. If you decide to import images from the local album, you can:

    1) Select multiple images at the same time, click Done to back to the camera interface and you may see the selected images over the Album;

    2) Click Done in the camera interface and go back to the Scanner screen.

3. Select an image folder within Scanner, then click 图标/light_scan_ic_pdf@2x to preview the image PDF;

    1) (Optional) Click light_view_ic_sketch@2x to annotate the image PDF;

    2) (Optional) Click light_ic_share@2x (1) to share the scanned PDF to AirDrop or other applications;

4. Click light_scan_ic_save@2x to directly save this PDF to Documents.


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