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How to Print Posters?

It is easy for you to print PDFs as posters with PDF Reader Pro Mac, which can divide large PDF pages into multiple smaller pages to make it convenient to print. This is the method to print posters with PDF Reader Pro Mac.


1. Open your file with PDF Reader Pro Mac;

2. Click Tools on the main menu, and then choose Page Sizing & Handling -> Poster;

3. Or click File on the main menu, and choose Print -> Pages to Print;

4. Or choose Poster on the homepage, then select and open files.

5. Choose Tile or Split in the dialog box;

6. If you choose Tile, you can set Page Size, Tile Scale, Overlap, Cut Marks, Reverse Pages, Label, Comments & Form, Orientation, and Page Range.

7. If you choose Split, the former two options should change to Destination Paper Size and Pages Per Sheet. Then click Print;

8. Choose Printer, Copies, and Pages, then click Print, and you can get posters.


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