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Microsoft Entra Active Directory SSO/OIDC Configuration

This article explains how to configure Microsoft's Entra Active Directory Single-Sign-On (SSO) with the PDFTech Editor Admin Console so that users activate our solutions using your organizations SSO. 


These instructions may vary depending on your environment. If you have specific settings, you may need to check those with your IdP admins as PDFTech Editor only supports SSO as it is written in this article. 



You must have a verified domain in PDFTech Editor Admin Console > Settings > Directory Setting.


1. Create an app

Under Microsoft Entra admin center, select Applications→ click New registration;


create an app


In the registration page, enter the Name and Supported account types (choose Any Microsoft Entra ID tenant - Multitenant and personal Microsoft accounts). Click Register to create a new application.


register an application


2. Setup OIDC App

1) After creating a new application, you will go to the overview page by default. You can check the newly created application under APP registrations -> All applications;


app registration


Note: Application ID means the clientId in the OIDC client configuration.


2)Set Redirect URIs

  1. Click Quickstar;

  2. Choose Mobile and desktop application > Windows desktop > make these changes for me > Make Updates,

  3. When it reminds you that Your application is configured with these attributes, you have successfully set redirect URIs.


Set Redirect URIs step1

Set Redirect URIs step 2

Set Redirect URIs step 3


3)  Add authorization to the application. Go to API permissions:

  • Add API scopes. Enter the public API, and add scopes separately: Domain.Read.All、User.Read.All、GroupMember.Read.All、Group.Read.All

  • Click Add Scope to add the four permissions:


Set Redirect URIs step 4


Set Redirect URIs step 5


Set Redirect URIs step 6    

step 9



step 8


3. Help


With help for any of these steps, please contact Microsoft or a more experienced Azure Admin within your organization.


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