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How to Verify Your Domain for Single Sign-on (SSO)

Verifying your domain for SSO allows us to confirm that you own it and can help you manage access to your account. This guide will walk you through how to verify a domain within PDFTech Admin Console.


Add your domain

Go to Admin Console portal, navigate to Settings > Directory Setting > Domains > Add Domain.


Choose your domain verification method. For details, review the steps below.

Note: The format is yourdomain.com, Not http://yourdomain.com or https://yourdomain.com


Verify your domain

You can verify domains in the following two methods(Please choose one of the following options.):

  • HTTPS — Upload an TXT file to the root folder of your domain's website.

  • DNS record — Create a TXT record to your domain name system (DNS). (Recommended)

Verify over HTTPS

  1. From the HTTPS tab, download the PDF-Tech-Editor-domain-verification.txt file.

  2. Go to your domain's webserver, upload the TXT file to the root directory.

  3. Return to the Domains page, and click Verify.

Note: Please visit example.com/PDF-Tech-Editor-domain-verification.txt in the browser and check if the value of PDF-Tech-Editor-domain-verification=xxxx is correct. If correct, the domain validation is successful. Please do not delete the PDF-Tech-Editor-domain-verification.txt file from your website, for security reasons, the verification file be checked periodically.

Verify over DNS

  1. From the DNS tab, copy the txt record to your clipboard.

  2. Go to your DNS host and find the settings page for adding a new TXT record.

  3. Select the option for adding a new record and paste the txt record to the Value field (may be named Answer or Description).

  4. Your DNS record may have the following fields:

  • Record type: 'TXT'

  • Name/Host/Alias: Leave the default that is set for your organization(It will typically be @ or blank)

  • Time to live (TTL): Set the TTL to 3600 or use the provided default

  1. Save the record. Please do not delete DNS records from your domain manager, for security reasons it is checked periodically for verification.

  2. Return to the Domains page and click Verify.   


Note: Visit https://dnschecker.org/ to check that your domain DNS resolution is working properly. If you can see the "PDF-Tech-Editor-domain-verification=" record, it means that DNS resolution has taken effect. Then go to the PDFTech Editor Admin console to verify your domain.


Once the DNS resolution is in effect, Click Verify to verify your domain until verification is successful. 


If you still have questions or comments about how to verify domains, please contact PDFTech Editor support for further assistance. Thank you.

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