How to Cater to The Age of Paperless Reading

Wed. 20 Jul. 202211433 Mins

Are you ready for the paperless era?

A.   No, I prefer paper reading.

B.   I am in transition.

C.   I rely heavily on the Internet and habitually read e-books.


Before you told me your answer, I want to share with you a report. Since Amazon sold more e-books than paper books in 2011, its e-book revenue has been increasing steadily. In terms of purchase quantity and readership, e-books undoubtedly defeated paper books. According to the survey, 46% of readers chose to read both paper books and e-books in the past year, while 29% of readers chose e-books as their main reading form, which was an increase of 6% over the previous year.


E-reading seems to be the popular trend. Why would this phenomenon happen?


  • Easily search for comprehensive information

At present, major websites have a powerful search engine. They provide resource sharing and remote services. Compared with going to the library to search for information by yourself, it is more convenient to search online and the information is more comprehensive.


  • Beneficial to the fragmentation of reading

Today, a large amount of information is rushing toward us, and reading seems to be more time-consuming. Lack of time has become the main reason why people don’t read anymore. However, paperless reading brings people a new visual experience. For many people, paperless reading is more convenient, saving both time and effort.


  • Low price, saving resources and reducing pollution

The e-books publish quickly by editing technology, which greatly reduces the production cost. The raw materials of paper books are trees, and cutting down a great number of trees will damage the environment. Moreover, the process of producing paper will also pollute the river. These problems can be solved if producing e-books.

It can be seen that paperless reading will still be the mainstream in the future.


PDF reader software is a product of the era of paperless reading because most eBooks are in PDF format. PDF Reader Pro for Windows, an environmentally-friendly PDF reader, helps you go green reading and cater to the paperless reading era. How does it work?


  • Personalized annotation

For many readers, the most important thing is annotating when reading eBooks. You can highlight keywords, which makes you understand the article better. You can also record your thoughts and insights to improve your ability to think independently.

There are diverse tools for PDF markup in PDF Reader Pro. You can select annotation tools from highlight, strikeout, underline, freehand and more to mark up the texts or paragraphs in PDF files and change the color of each tool as you like.



  • Add bookmark at ease

Most of us usually forget where we last read. Whether it is a paper book or an e-book, bookmarks are an indispensable element.

In PDF Reader Pro, you can select the Bookmark tool that will generate a mark for the page you are reading. It will help you quickly find the page location the next time you read it.


  • Various Display Mode

Some people, who love paper books, argue that reading paper book is very ritual while reading eBooks is easily distracted. In fact, eBooks can also make you feel like reading a paper book.

You can choose the Read Mode in PDF Reader Pro, then you can view PDF files without getting distracted. When you choose the Book Mode, the cover page of a PDF file is placed at the top. It helps you read eBooks like paper books.


  • Work simultaneously with Split View

When we read some eBooks, the author will make some notes at the bottom of the page or the end of the book. Going back and forth through these annotations is troublesome. PDF Reader Pro solves this difficult problem.

With the Split View in PDF Reader Pro, you can read two parts of the same document side by side simultaneously, thus offering an effective reading experience. It is so useful to check information and compare texts.


  • Diverse themes

Reading paper books for a long time can cause visual fatigue, let alone e-books. There are various themes you can choose as you like in PDF Reader Pro.

For example, Dark Mode displays the document in a dark environment, which maintains a minimum color contrast ratio required for readability. Reseda Mode displays the document in a light-green background to please your eyes. You will find the most suitable color for reading.



Paperless reading helps us to reduce paper consumption, and PDF Reader Pro for Windows helps you go paperless reading more efficiently. Come to download it and have an all-new reading experience!

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