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Wed. 25 Aug. 202114703


It’s undisputed that PDF has become one of the most important file formats in our digital life. No matter with our big screens or small screens, we encounter PDFs almost in every situation, such as reading works of literature, signing contracts, filling forms, opening subscribed newsletters, hand in assignments, etc. Among various devices, the Windows platform is the one that lots of people work with. So finding an appropriate PDF Reader application is vital for Windows users. 


Compared with other PDF-related applications, PDF Reader Pro provides not only the fundamental and advanced tools for PDF viewing and editing but also keeps making improvements based on the feedback over these years. Whether you’re new to PDF Reader Pro, or already familiar with it, it’s worth your attention to know some of the new features released in the new versions, which might help you find a better way to work with PDFs and improve your productivity.



Feature 1: Dark Mode for a better reading experience

Dark Mode is considered to be one of the most wanted functions for Windows users. Unlike changing the background colors for your files, Dark Mode only affects the colors of settings, toolbars, and buttons.


Dark Mode



With the possibility of toggling between Light and Dark Mode, you can enjoy working with your PDFs in light or dim environments. Besides the flexibility Dark Mode brings to you, it also helps you become more focused on your work or study since the content stands out and the windows recede into the background. For people who often work at night, this new feature benefits them a lot.

To activate the Dark Mode in PDF Reader Pro, you just need to follow two simple steps:

  • Click on the button "Settings" on the Home page;

  • Scroll to find the button beside Dark Mode and turn it on.








After a few simple clicks, you can already work with your PDFs without any distractions and difficulties in dark light.




Feature 2: Convert PDF to Word/PPT

Besides PDF, we also work with different file formats, like image, text, Word, PowerPoint, etc. Among them, Word and PowerPoint are common for creating our content or preparing presentations. Since a single format is impossible to fulfill all our needs, it’s inevitable for us to work with different formats for various purposes. Thus, the demand for converting files between formats arises. 

Format Converting

In this background, the function of converting  PDF to Word/PPT is added into the newly released version of PDF Reader Pro. Instead of copying and pasting the content of your file into the PowerPoint slides or Word files page by page, the format converter enables you to convert PDFs into Word/PPT in just a few clicks.


After the format conversion, the newly created file will retain its original formatting and layout for you to edit. Along with the already existing format converting between PDF and images and text, PDF Reader Pro makes working with PDFs straightforward.

Feature 3: Editing outlines for easy navigation

An outline is a good navigation tool, especially for PDF files with multiple pages and complex structures. It helps you get an overview of the whole passage and have a clearer mind of its construction. 

Editing Outlines

PDF Reader Pro takes a step further based on the existing outline function, allowing you to edit outlines by yourself. These customized editing functions include adding items, renaming items, changing destinations, searching with keywords, deleting items, and so on. With the high flexibility this new function provides for you, you can create an outline that suits you best. 



Feature 4: Compatible with Windows 11

As Windows releases the news that Windows 11 is coming later this year, Windows users are quite excited. To enable users to explore the new possibilities in Windows 11, the updated version of PDF Reader Pro is compatible perfectly with Windows 11. Along with other fascinating features of the new system, PDF Reader Pro helps you maximize your productivity with your laptop.

Final Words

PDF Reader Pro aims to help more people work with PDF more freely and more productively. It keeps on making progress to give you the best experience. Give yourself a try to explore the new features of PDF Reader Pro, unlock more amazing functions and enjoy the paperless life.


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