New Release: Edit PDF Image and Text with PDF Reader Pro

Tue. 27 Dec. 20227843 Mins

For a better PDF editing experience, we currently enhanced our editing tools and released the newest version of PDF Reader Pro V2.4.3. Upgrade to the latest version and you can easily edit images in PDF, such as cropping, rotating, flipping, and replacing image as needed. In addition, we also support editing PDF text. In V2.4.3, PDF Reader Pro enable you to align text to get a perfect layout. This update brings some exciting new features. Now, let's explore them.



Edit Image in PDF with PDF Reader Pro

Images in a document can help you to clearly demonstrate complex processes and make your files look more visually attractive. This is why many PDF files include rich images, for example, a electronic textbook, a design solution. For a better page layout, you may need to edit images in PDF or replace images in your documents. In this case, it is a piece of cake if you can find the original editable .Docx document. However, what if you have just got a printed PDF file? With PDF tools, editing image in PDF becomes easier, the overall quality of the images can be maintained as well.


- Crop Image in PDF

Many apps may not support cropping images in PDF, but PDF Reader Pro can do it! Whether you want to remove unwanted and irrelevant parts of an image or focus on a particular area, the image crop tool is there for you. In other word, it can help us remove distractions and optimize the layout. How to crop an image in PDFs, here is a step by step guide.

  1. Download PDF Reader Pro(Windows) and launch it;
  2. Click Edit PDF on the toolbar;
  3. Now, select an image you want to modify and click on it, a properties panel will then appear on the right side.
  4. Find Tools and Tap Crop Image, then you can crop the selected image with ease.



- Replace Image in PDF

Despite our best efforts, mistakes are inevitable.A well-written PDF always contains lots of eye-catching images. However, you may need to replace the image because the wrong picture was pasted. With image replace tool, you can easily replace the wrong pictures. How to replace image in a PDF? PDF Reader Pro gives you a perfect solution.

  1. Tap Edit PDF on the toolbar, then click on the wrong image;
  2. An image editing panel will appear on the right side, then click Replace;
  3. Choose a new image from your folder and click Open.

Now, you have successfully replaced the image.


- Rotate and Flip Image in PDF

You can create a more balanced or symmetrical image by rotating and flipping the images in a PDF. Sometimes, it is necessary to correct the orientation of the image for a better reading experience. The new features updated in PDF Reader Pro allow you to rotate and flip images with ease.

  1. Click Edit PDF on the toolbar, then select an image;
  2. Choose Rotate or Flip;
  3. To rotate a image, you can select rotate right or Rotate Left;
  4. To flip a image, you can flip image vertically or horizontally.

Note: You can also add a new image to the PDF and edit it with editing tools we mentioned above.


With PDF Reader Pro, not only can you edit images with a wealth of image editing tools, but you can also edit PDF text. The latest version brings some practical editing tools such as text alignment tool, which makes the messy document more visually appealing and improves readability. 


Edit Text in PDF for a Better Layout

How to align text in PDF? Follow the steps:

  1. Click Edit PDF in toolbar;
  2. Then click on the text you want to modify;
  3. Choose Text Alignment from Left Alignment, Right Alignment, Center, and Justify.


Besides text alignment, you can also change the color and size of the selected text. 

  1. Click Edit PDF on the toolbar;
  2. Select the text in PDF;
  3. Choose color and size for the selected text in the properties panel on the right.



Note: the text editing tools are also available for newly added content.   


Buttom Line

This update mainly enhance the editing function, so that you can edit and modify the contents in PDF more effectively. All the texts and images in the document can be recognized and edited by PDF Reader Pro, which enables you to edit PDF like a Word. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to update PDF to the latest version if you always use PDF software to modify content.

We also offer 7-day free trial. Go there to download PDF Reader Pro Windows and enjoy amazing editing tools now!

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