PDF Reader Pro for Windows Supports Text Editing

Sat. 07 May. 202212283

Recently, we received such an email from customer service. This is a novice who has just entered the workplace. The boss sent him a PDF file that needs to be modified, and asked him to modify the content within 20 minutes and send it over. But he didn't expect that he did it for a full 2 hours, which eventually delayed the progress of the work. When we asked him why he was spending so much time doing it. He told us that he first converted the PDF file to word format. After that, the document became messy. He not only modified the content, but also spent a lot of time adjusting the format.

I don't know how many people choose to convert files first when they need to edit PDF files. After the modification is completed, it is exported to PDF format. It has to be said that this is too inefficient. Now, with PDF Reader Pro, you can easily edit text without converting files. The Edit PDF tool lets you replace, edit, add, or delete text in a PDF. You can correct typos, modify text, change fonts color and text size. The following are the specific operation steps.



  • Open a PDF file and then tap Edit PDF on the toolbar, then you will enter PDF edit mode.


  • There you can add, delete, move or modify text in the PDF.


  • Change text Color and font Size in the right panel.

  • Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete or Select All the text you need if you right click.

page edit


In addition to text editing, PDF Reader Pro can also edit pages. Click Page Edit on the toolbar, then you can Insert, Replace, Extract, Split, Reverse, Copy, Paste, Rotate and Delete pages as much as you like.

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