How to Edit a PDF on Mac with PDF Reader Pro?

Fri. 23 Sep. 202217503 Mins

PDFs are the most common file format in people's lives, especially in the workplace. It's easy and convenient to view, share, and open with different devices. However, PDFs are uneditable by design, which means you can't change the content in PDFs. In order to solve this problem, PDF editors were created. When you desire to correct the typo in digital contracts or invoices, or when you want to delete specific text in PDFs, a powerful PDF editor can give you enough assistance. This article aims at helping you figure out how to edit a PDF on Mac. Read until the end to get more information.


Preview is a default PDF Reader that Mac provides for you, but it only supports limited annotation tools, such as highlight, underline, etc. If you feel like editing PDFs, including editing PDF texts, editing PDF pages, and more, the best PDF editor for Mac, PDF Reader Pro is your powerful assistant. Here are some tips prepared for you, and you can find the best way to edit a PDF.



How to Edit the Text in a PDF on Mac?


If you find a typo in digital contracts or invoices after creating them, how can you correct the typo easily? PDF Reader Pro offers a convenient way for you, which means you do not need to create PDFs again. You can edit texts in PDFs with PDF Reader Pro directly, and set text color and the size of the fonts. Following are the detailed steps for you.

  1. Open a PDF file and then tap Edit PDF on the toolbar, then you will enter PDF edit mode;

  2. There you can add, delete, move or modify text in the PDF; and right-click to change Text Color and Font Size as you like;

  3. Click Add Text and you can add new text area;

  4. Tap Save to save your changes.



PDF Reader Pro, the most powerful and easy-to-use PDF editor, also prepares a quick video about how to edit the text in a PDF on Mac.


How to Write on and Add Text to a PDF on Mac?


Want to add your ideas or comments to PDFs when you are reading PDFs? you can write on or add text to PDFs with PDF Reader Pro. Here’s how you can follow.

  1. Open your file with PDF Reader Pro Mac;

  2. Click Tools on the toolbar, and choose Text Box;

  3. Then drag over to create a text box on the page, and input your text content;

  4. You can choose colors and fonts, set opacity, and edit notes on the Annotation Properties Panel.



Have a look at this short video about how to add text to a PDF on Mac.


How to Sign a PDF on Mac?


In daily work, signing contracts, agreements, or other business files are common. It's troublesome and time-consuming to print PDFs only for signing PDFs. New possibilities are open to you with PDF Reader Pro. You can add electronic signatures to PDFs, no matter where you are. No need to wait for paper files to be mailed, you can increase work efficiency. PDF Reader Pro supports adding signatures in different ways. Here we provide a detailed tutorial about how to sign a PDF on Mac for you.

  1. Open your files with PDF Reader Pro;

  2. Click Signature on the toolbar;

  3. Right-click where you want to place your signature and select Annotate -> Signature from the menu;

  4. Or click Annotate in main menu -> Signature -> My Signatures to add an existing signature;

  5. To create a new signature, click Annotate -> Signature -> New Signature to create a new signature from Keyboard, Trackpad or Image,  set color and font here;

  6. Save & Apply your signature.



Here is a guide video prepared for you to learn how to sign a PDF on Mac.


How to Add Annotations to PDF on Mac?


PDF Reader Pro, the powerful PDF editor, supports various annotation features. If you want to draw on a PDF, you can choose Freehand Drawings to add handwriting just like you do with a pen. Adding all sorts of shapes, including rectangles, ovals, etc, is also available. You can add highlights and underlines to PDFs for reminding. PDF Reader Pro allows you to add images and hyperlinks to PDFs too. Going reading to learn how to add hyperlinks to PDFs with PDF Reader Pro.

  1. Select the piece of text you want to link;

  2. Click Link on the toolbar;

  3. Choose the link destination: Page or URL or Email; 

  4. Or select the text and right click, choose Tool Mode -> Link, or Annotate -> Link, then choose the link destination: Page or URL or Email;

  5. Or click Tools on the main menu -> Note Type -> Link.


The blank area can also be linked as mentioned in the steps above.



Click to learn how to add annotations or comments to PDFs with PDF Reader Pro Mac.


How to Redact a PDF on Mac?


Redacting a PDF is a necessary tool for everyone. When there are some sensitive or personal information in PDFs that you want to blackout, such as ID Card number, credit card numbers, or other details about the business, you can redact them using PDF Reader Pro for protection. Here we will introduce the detailed steps about how to redact a PDF on Mac.

  1. Open your file with PDF Reader Pro Mac;

  2. Click Redact on the toolbar, then you enter redact mode;

  3. Select the information you want to redact in your PDF;

  4. Click Apply, then the redacted information will remove permanently;

  5. Tab Properties and you can change color and decide whether to use overlay text.


Click to get more information about how to redact a PDF on Mac.


How to Delete Pages of a PDF on Mac?


How to rearrange a PDF with the help of PDF Reader Pro? How to edit PDF pages? How to delete pages in a PDF? PDF Reader Pro supplies all solutions for editing pages of a PDF. You'll find it easy to delete pages in a PDF if you follow the steps below. 

  1. Open your file with PDF Reader Pro;

  2. Tap Page Edit on the Toolbar;

  3. Select one page or hold Command to select more pages;

  4. Then click Delete, or right-click, choose Delete.



  1. You can also choose the targeted pages on the left Thumbnails, and right-click, hit Delete.



How to Compress a PDF on Mac?


You'll find it's time-consuming to transfer or share PDFs in large sizes, so how to reduce transfer time? PDF Reader Pro helps you compress bulky PDFs and shrink their size, and you can send the compact document to your partners or colleagues, with no damage to the original quality. Just follow the steps to reduce the size of PDFs.

  1. Open your file with PDF Reader Pro Mac;

  2. Click Editor on the Toolbar, and choose Compress;

  3. Or click main menu Tools -> Editor -> Compress;

  4. Select the quality of the compressed file. If clicking Batch, you can add more files to compress simultaneously;

  5. Save it as a new PDF or Share via Email, Airdrop, iCloud, etc.



You can achieve the detailed tutorial of compressing a PDF on Mac in this quick video.


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