PDF Tricks To Impress Your Boss With

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The annual KPI review is over and most of you are either celebrating your raise with a bottle of champagne or looking into an empty bottle wondering why you didn’t get a promotion. Whatever the case, you probably hate the rigmarole of having to impress your boss again next time round.

If you’re running out of ideas to do this, we have some tips for you. Oh, and get this: you’ll reduce paper waste at the same time. So read on, and get that promotion with no guilty conscience!


Add Context with Images

A picture is worth a thousand words, said by every manager in history. Most superiors detest reading wordy documents - they want to grasp what’s important immediately. So to impress your boss, you’ll need to add more visual elements to convey meaning in your business documents.

With the right PDF Reader app, it’s now possible to add richer context to all your documentation with images effortlessly. You can edit and insert figures in just a few taps. There’s no more need to mess around with word docs just to combine text with images!

Add Context with Images


Get Accountable with E-Signatures

Having trouble with someone in your workflow shirking his/her responsibilities? It’s time to introduce some accountability into your process with e-signatures - and what better way to do it, than with PDFs?

Many PDF apps come with e-signature functionality that allows you to sign-off on PDFs at every stage of a process. If quality control (QC) issues persist in your business, it could be because you have no documented system of approval and rejection. Try implementing authorization documents using PDF signatures in your workflows. When you enforce signatures in your QC wall, the gatekeepers will be more reluctant to let poor quality work pass through.

Create an efficient process (literally no paper-work here) with built-in accountability, and watch your boss smile in satisfaction.

Get Accountable with E-Signatures 

Find Information Faster

What’s worse than forgetting a critical piece of information? Forgetting where you stored it! Managers detest this common problem so if you can implement a way of solving it, you’ll be well on your way to a glowing appraisal.

Solution: collect all related content in one central PDF. In the awkward situation when you forget where you buried some factoid, CTRL-F saves the day in just a few seconds. Most PDF apps allow you to do this, so use it, and impress your colleagues with impactful information ready at hand.

Centralizing in one PDF has another benefit. Some PDF apps let you turn all research notes and images into one concise slideshow. It’s perfect for organizing key information, or as a quick-and-dirty presentation to update on project progress.


Encrypt Sensitive Documents

Failing to secure your documents is not only risky for you, but for businesses as well. Imagine a someone gleefully breaking into your device and discovering a treasure trove of highly confidential business secrets.

Now imagine telling this to your manager.

Not pretty. And not professional.

Solution: Encrypt your sensitive PDF documents on Mac, iPhone and iPad. Not all PDF apps have password protection though, so you’ll want to get the best PDF Reader and enjoy more peace of mind for your documentation.

Even better, why not suggest implementing PDF encryption as a department / company-wide security initiative? Managers appreciate staff that takes the initiative to anticipate and solve problems before they occur, so this could be your ticket to raising your visibility amongst your peers - just be sure to follow up with a concrete plan and execute it well.

Encrypt Sensitive Documents


With PDF Reader, it’s easy!

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