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Why Join Volume Purchase Program for PDF Software

Joining the volume purchase program for PDF software allows you to save your costs from group discounts, get flexible license management, and more.
Why Join Volume Purchase Program for PDF Software

Joining a Volume Purchase Program presents a compelling opportunity for organizations to save their investment and unlock a range of benefits. This article delves into the advantages of participating in such programs, including cost savings through discounted pricing, streamlined license management processes, data security, and reduction in labor consumption. 


What is Volume Purchase Program?

Volume Purchase Program enables IT admins to bulk purchase, distribute, and manage apps effortlessly. Bulk purchasing is aimed to offer exclusive discounts for businesses with procurement needs, typically resulting in savings of 30%-50% compared to individual purchases. Furthermore, bulk purchasing programs often include additional professional services such as centralized software management and distribution, as well as dedicated customer manager support.


As the digital age dawns, paper-based documents gradually turn to easy-to-save electronic PDF documents, such as e-contracts, business plans, tax statements, etc. It is inevitable for organizations to handle these electronic documents to keep up with the times and speed up their business, making PDF editing software a fundamental component of their IT costs.


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Why Join Volume Licensing Program for PDF Software?

When there is a demand for volume purchases, joining a volume purchase program becomes the first choice for enterprises for the following reasons:

• Lower IT Investment

This program typically provides discounted pricing for bulk purchases, allowing organizations to access software licenses at a lower price compared to individual purchases, changing from 30%-50% OFF. This cost-effective approach can result in significant savings, enabling businesses to allocate resources more efficiently.


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•  Flexibility in License Management

As enterprises tend to buy software licenses in bulk, having the authority to manage these codes is crucial for enterprises, especially large organizations with over 100 employees. Volume purchasing programs tailored for businesses include an administrator console, through which the IT administrator can independently assign, unbind, and revoke license codes for team members.


•  Data Security

Some PDF software vendors offer On-premise Deployment options specifically tailored for enterprises with high data security requirements. This ensures that all data generated from software deployment, activation, to usage is stored on their private servers to prevent unauthorized access, providing enterprises with the highest level of data protection.


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•  Reduce Labor Consumption

Volume Purchase Program offers various deployment methods like GPO, Microsoft Itune, RDS, Citrix, SCCM, etc. Compared to installing the software via a downloading link by individual, centralized deployment can significantly save staff training time, eliminate installation problems and reduce the labor consumption on maintenance.

You can also check our case studies on Successful NPOs that Utilize the Volume Purchase Program.


Comparison of PDF Industry Volume Purchase Program

Many vendors offer volume purchase programs in PDF industry, such as Foxit, Adobe, PDF Reader Pro, etc. Adobe, the leader in PDF technology, has become famous for its high price and comprehensive features. They offer 7.5% OFF for bulk purchases. For companies with limited budgets and only needing basic functionality, it is not the ideal choice.


Foxit also supports volume purchases with business-target functions like e-signature. However, Foxit can only offer up to a 20% discount, which is still $130 a year/per person after the offer, just slightly cheaper than Adobe.


PDF Reader Pro Volume Purchase Program is comparatively affordable for organizations in different industries. It aims to provide enterprises with a comprehensive and affordable PDF editor with 50% OFF or more, which means you can get a permanent license for $39.99. Click here to check our step discount.



How to Join PDF Reader Pro Volume Purchase Program?

2 options are available according to different situations:


Online Purchase on Official Website

For the small teams who are aiming to get a discount and access to the administrator console to manage team licenses, we recommend you purchase online through our official website. (Note to check Use PDF Tech Admin Console to manage license codes)


After successfully purchasing, you will receive an email that contains the admin console login link, account, and initial password. All the licenses will also be stored in the console, which you can view and assign after logging in.


Contact Sales Team to Purchase

For large enterprises purchasing over 100 license codes, please fill out the form to contact us. We will provide a discount of over 50% based on your requirements. If you have other software deployment needs, feel free to reach out to us too.



Case Study: How Companies Benefit from Volume Purchase Program

Now, let’s get an insider look at how businesses from education to finance are enhancing their workflows and productivity with PDF Reader Pro Volume Purchase Program.


1. NPO (Non-Profit Organization)

Our case study revolves around a youth-centered non-profit that, despite its significant impact on the community, struggled to secure the necessary funds to sustain and grow its programs. 


Due to the high cost of Adobe products, they have been searching for an alternative to Adobe, hoping to find a versatile PDF editor to edit their files. With a limited budget in mind, they joined the PDF Reader Pro program and made repeat purchases, saving them 80% on their IT costs.


2. Auditax Accountants

Auditax Accountants is a company in the accounting industry that processes lots of financial reports, tax documents, and client proposals every day. So they are looking for an affordable PDF editor that can simplify their workflow. After understanding the ability to edit, fill, and secure PDFs, and its compatibility with various accounting tools, they successfully join the PDF Reader Pro Volume Purchase Program.


Additionally, they need to deploy PDF Reader Pro in a centralized way on their devices via Microsoft Intune deployment. With the assistance of our engineers, they successfully deployed the software, saving 60% in labor costs.


3. The Learning hub

Prior to PDF Reader Pro, the Learning Hub grappled with cumbersome paper-based processes that impeded efficiency and collaboration among staff and students.


PDF Reader Pro allows them to collaborate effectively with intuitive annotation tools and secure sensitive academic documents, reducing 40% data retrieval time and leading to a 25% increase in satisfaction scores.




In general, volume purchasing has become a trend in enterprise software procurement as it helps companies maximize cost savings while accessing professional services. Many PDF vendors support volume purchase, but you should choose the most suitable one based on your budget and functional requirements. PDF Reader Pro offers significant discounts, admin console for license management, and flexible deployment options for enterprise users. If you are interested in joining PDF Reader Pro Volume Purchase program, please contact us.

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