Tips on Documents Security in the Workplace

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Are you still plunged in a rush of documents at work? Do you remain bothered with how to keep private data safe and secure at work? The modern workplace handles an extraordinary amount of sensitive information. In the era of Internet, it means much more to secure your work-related documents than ever before. Theft and misuse of information about customers, employees, financial records, or the business itself can be catastrophic. What’s more, it’s of great significance to know how to safeguard these critical assets adequately for your business. The best settlements come with mental awareness and action changes of both companies and individuals as well as the adoption of better software tools, including PDF Reader Pro

No matter how big or small your business may be, there are crucial documents needed to be secure, which is why we want to share some practical ways to help to keep documents safe at work.


For Individuals 

Ways to secure documents as individuals

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- Identify Sensitive Documents

For individuals, the major factors that have to be borne in mind is to master how to identify sensitive documents. Documents that could lead to security breaches generally include: employee records, customer information, sales reports, pre-release financial information and forecasts, intellectual property and more.

If you are still uncertain about which documents are sensitive and cannot be spread around, just ask your leaders to clarify it.

- Save in Private

To make sure that all documents are safely stored after use and do not leave them in public places such as break rooms, conference rooms or print areas. The leak of a small document can cause huge trouble. So, be sure to store all your files in a private space, whether it's in your locked office cabinet or on your computer with a screen-lock password.

- Encrypt / Decrypt to Protect

PDF files have become a common file format for office workers. In this case, it is particularly important to use passwords to protect your PDF documents. With PDF Reader Pro Windows, you can easily encrypt and decrypt files with one click, and set the permission to restrict file printing and copying.


For Companies

Ways to secure documents as companies

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- Implement Advanced Access Control

To improve your document security with multi-layer protection, which means to set file access permissions to restrict file sharing and dissemination. You should also record your passwords or account information in private. In addition, besides online files, a special office used for paper documents storage should be offered. 

- Train Your Employees

Companies should pay attention to document protection training, which is beneficial to the long-term development of the company. Everyone should attend this training, because everyone is exposed to company documents all the time. This training should cover the importance of file protection, file protection techniques (including the usage of the most cost-effective PDF Reader Pro Windows to encrypt and decrypt files), and how to destroy files. This training may seem like an expense, but it will definitely save money for your company someday!

- Create Better Internal Policies

Implement policies that will become best practices for your business. Share your internal policies with your staff to make sure that everyone is well aware of the expectations. A well-edited policy should contain the purpose, the standard of behavior and reward and punishment system.

All in all, document security is a necessity rather than a choice for both individuals and companies. By safeguarding the documents and empowering your staff with the right tools such as PDF Reader Pro Windows, building a more secure workplace is getting more and more easy. 

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