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How to Add Header & Footer to a PDF?

Header and footer are often used to display additional information about a document, such as time, company name, file name or author name, etc.


For example, if you work for a company, you can add important information like the company name that you want readers to remember and familiarize with in the header and footer of the document for promotion and publicity. Or if you are a student, you can insert your name or document title in the header and footer of your document so that viewers can easily find your information at any time.


How to add header & footer to a PDF? Here are the steps below:

1. Click Editor  on the toolbar -> Header & Footer  -> Add Header & Footer;



2. Or click Tools on the main menu -> Header & Footer -> Add Header & Footer;



3. Enter header or footer text in one or more of the six specified locations: Left Header Text, Center Header Text, Right Header Text, Left Footer Text, Center Footer Text, Right Footer Text;



4. After you add header and footer, you can set Page Range;

5. Select Add to Template and name the template so you can easily apply it next time;

6. Tap Apply to save it. The header and footer you set will show in the location you entered.


Note: If you no longer need the header and footer, you can also tap Remove Header & Footer to remove them.

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