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How to Edit PDFs on Mac?

How to Edit PDF Pages?

1. Click Page Editlight_ic_toolbar_pageedit_noron the toolbar;

2. Edit PDF pages such as Insert, Replace, Extract, Split, Rotate, Paste, ReverseCopy and Delete PDFs.
You can drag more pages to reorder or to create a new PDF document;


3. Or on the thumbnail panel, right click to choose Page Edit, you can hold Command to select more pages;


4. Or click main menu Tools -> Page Edit


How to Edit PDF with Thumbnails?

1. Right click at the thumbnail panel, choose to Cut, Copy, Paste, Rotate, Insert, Share, Extract, Page Edit or Delete PDF pages;

2. Long-tap the page on the thumbnail panel, and drag it or insert where you want it to be;

3. Select a page on the thumbnail panel and drag it out of the window, then a new PDF will be created automatically on the desktop.


How to Drag & Reorder PDF Pages?

1. Long-tap the page on the thumbnail panel, and drag to reorder it;

2. Or in Page Edit light_ic_toolbar_pageedit_nor, you can tap Command to drag more pages to reorder or to create a new PDF document.


How to Create Flattened PDFs?

1. Click File on main menu and choose Save as Flattened PDF;

2. Save the file as flattened PDF;

3. Or click Share light_ic_toolbar_share_nor -> Flattened Copy, then you can share the flattened file via Mail, AirDrop and etc.


How to Add Links (Texts, Images) to PDF?

1. Select the piece of text you want to link;

2. Click Link on the toolbar;

3. Choose the link destination: Page or URL or Email

4. Or select the text and right click, choose Tool Mode -> Link, or Annotate -> Link, then choose the link destination: Page or URL or Email;


5. Or click Tools on the main menu -> Note Type -> Link.
The blank area can also be linked as mentioned steps above.


How to Delete Annotations?

1. Check the annotation and right click to Delete or tap delete (Backspace) on your keyboard;

2. Or right click the Notes Panel and select Note Type to Delete the specific notes;

3. Or hold Command to select more annotations and right click Delete;

4. If all annotations are unwanted, press Command + a, or right click and choose Remove All Annotations.


How to Encrypt PDF?

1. Click Security light_ic_subtoolbar_edittool_safe on the toolbar and fill in Password Security Settings. There you can set a required password to open the document or restrict printing and copying of the document;

2. You can also add a document description such as Title, Author, Subject or Keywords;


3. Or click main menu Tools -> Editor -> Security;

4. Then Encrypt the PDF file.


How to Remove Password and Permission?

PDF Password Remover is an easy-to-use PDF security remover, which helps users to decrypt PDF protections and remove restrictions on printing, editing and copying.

1. Tap File on main menu -> Remove Passwords/Decrypt with Password;

2. If open password is required, you need to enter the right password first and then remove protections from PDF files.


How to Crop?

1. Tap Tools on the main menu -> Crop;

2. Or click Page Display on the toolbar -> Crop;

3. Or right click the file and select Crop;

4. Then you can choose to Crop All Pages, Crop Current Page, Auto Crop-Combined, Auto Crop-Separate or Select Area.


How to Snapshot?

1. Tap Tools on the main menu -> Snapshot;

2. Or click Page Display on the toolbar -> Snapshot;

3. Or right click the file and select Snapshot;

4. Click Take Snapshot (Auto) you will get the screenshot of the current area and click Select Area you can customize the area.

5. The area you get can be copied, printed and exported as JPG/PNG/PDF.


How to Edit Outline?

1. PDF Reader Pro outlines are flexible. If you’d like to add a chapter title to the outline, just right click -> Add Outline Item, or right-click outline panel -> Add Item, or click " + " on the buttom of the panel;

2. Right click the outline panel you can add, delete and revise the outline;

3. Drag-and-drop the item to reorder the outline, or to set a hierarchy relation;

4. Right click and select Edit to redirect different Pages / URL / Email.


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