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How to Read PDF with Text Reflow Mode on Windows?



In Text Reflow mode, only the written texts within the document appear; the toolbars, task panels, and tab/window controls on the reading page are hidden. This mode allows you to change the font styles and sizes. It can present you with delightful visual effects by allowing you to switch between background themes. The Text Reflow mode also helps you highly focus on reading. Thereby improving working efficiency by preventing unnecessary distractions.


You can do the following to start viewing PDFs in Text Reflow Mode:


1. Enter reading page -> click 1619519215318531.png on the top right corner -> Text Reflow, you can now present your PDF in text-only mode;

5  用文本重排模式


2. Tap  1619519237490116.png to change Font and Size; You can also switch background themes like day mode, soft mode and night mode to suit different environments;

3. Tap the Exit icon on the top left corner or tap Esc on the keyboard to finish your reading. 


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