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How to use Text-to-Speech (TTS) by Windows version

PDF Reader Pro makes it possible for you to listen to the PDF files by using the Text-to-Speech (TTS) function, which can transform the written contents to spoken words. 


You can follow the steps shown below to have your PDF docs read aloud:

1. On the reading page, click TTS ic_sidetabbar_tts_rest@2x in the left sidebar to open the pop-up window for TTS;

pop-up window

2. Select Play ic_btn_play@2x to play TTS to read aloud the written texts on your document;

3. Click Previous Page ic_btn_previous@2x or Next Page ic_btn_next@2x to move from one page to another;

4. Or, click the checkbox of Continuous Reading for automatic page turning;

5. Under Language, select your preferred language and lifelike voices;

6. Use the Speed slider to change the reading speed according to your needs;

7. Click Pause ic_btn_stop@2x to stop reading, and click anywhere out of the pop-up window to exit TTS.


Notice: TTS tool is only available for the documents with the written texts; the PDF files with scanned texts in the form of images are excluded.


What Other Methods can I use to Open TTS?

Method 1:

1. Right-click anywhere on the reading page -> select Read Mode On -> right-click again -> choose TTS Mode On:

Read Mode On                TTS Mode On

2. To exit TTS, right-click and select TTS Mode Off.


Method 2: TTS can only read aloud the texts you need

1. Select a word or block of texts in your document -> right-click over the selected contents -> click TTS;

2. TTS will automatically stop when it finish reading the texts you selected.


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