How to Sign a PDF and Send It?

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You drove miles away to sign a document? You waited half an hour outside the office to sign a document? You waited 10 minutes at the fax machine to sign a document? Are you still willing to waste your time like this? Now use electronic signatures to help you sign documents remotely. You might be wondering what an electronic signature is. What advantages does it have over traditional signature methods? Next, I will introduce one by one for you.

The Definition of Electronic Signatures

An electronic signature refers to the data contained in the data message in electronic form and attached to it for the purpose of identifying the signer and indicating that the signer approves of its contents. Digital signature is the technology of electronic signature application. The most widely used electronic signature technology in the world is digital signature technology. The digital certificate in the digital signature technology can be used to make data messages. The certificate must be bound with a specific subject before it can be used.


It is important to understand the difference between electronic and digital signatures. An electronic signature is the equivalent of your handwritten signature, which is just an image of your signature overlaid on a PDF document. Digital signatures, on the other hand, are cryptographically secure and verify that the person using your private signing key has seen and authorized the document. It's very secure, but it's also very complicated. A digital signature is the online equivalent of a notarized signature. Since electronic signatures are what most people expect when they send you documents that need to be signed, we'll focus on it.

The Advantages of Electronic Signatures

High Security

Electronic signatures are more secure than traditional paper documents. Not only do they contain signatures, but they also contain traceable information about who signed the document, when, etc. This is more powerful than a regular paper signature.


Eliminate Geographical Barriers

We are in a geographically dispersed business environment. Today, even smaller local businesses deal with different suppliers, customers and partners in different cities and countries. Electronic signatures allow for remote authentication, which makes it more convenient than mailing or printing.


Improve Efficiency

The convenience of electronic signatures means faster operations. You don't need to send the document to someone else to print, sign, scan, and send it back. Saving time can improve the operational efficiency of the enterprise.


Reduce Costs

Finally, electronic signature is more cost effective than traditional signature. Not only will you save on paper, but you'll also save on postage and the time it takes to mail items.


If you wonder how to sign a PDF document on Mac, PDF Reader Pro provides the best signing experience on the platform.

1. Click Tools in the toolbar-> choose Signature to add an existing signature.




2. Or select Annotate in the main menu bar -> hit Signature to add an existing signature.




3. If there is no signature you need in the right panel, tap New Signature to create a new signature from Keyboard, Trackpad or Image. Set color, font, angle, size and opacity at the same time.




4. Select a signature to be applied from the existing signatures in the right panel and you will see it on the screen. Then you can zoom in, zoom out and drag it as you like.


If the document has been signed and needs to be sent to your recipient immediately.

  • Tap Share in the toolbar to send your document.

  • Or hit File in the main menu bar -> click Share to send your document.

There are several ways you can choose to share your files, such as Mail, AirDrop, Messages and so on.


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