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How to Convert PDF to Text?

How can I convert PDF files to text for editing without spending a lot of time? PDF Reader Pro will give you a solution. Click here to get a video tutorial or follow the steps below.

Convert a PDF to Text

1. Open a PDF file in PDF Reader Pro;

2. Click Converter toolbar_Converter on the toolbar -> Select To Text;

Note: You are allowed to choose the page you want to convert: All Pages, Current Page, Odd Pages Only, Even Pages Only, Custom Range

3. Tap Convert and choose an output folder, and select OK.


Batch PDF to Text

1. Open a PDF file, tap Converter toolbar_Converter on the toolbar;

2. Choose To Text;

3. Click Batch -> Add Files -> select the PDF documents that need to be converted -> click Open -> tap Converter -> choose an output folder and click OK.


4_1_Text Batch


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