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Wed. 31 Aug. 202214793 Mins

Recently, a customer send us an e-mail, he said that he gets used to working with PDF Reader Pro on Windows, however, he has to use Mac in the office, so he is going to create a virtual machine, and he wondered if PDF Reader Pro supports virtual machine?

We are pleased to tell you that running PDF Reader Pro on a virtual machine is as easy as a pie. This article will take a comprehensive look at working with PDF Reader Pro on a virtual machine from several aspects. 

1. What is Virtual Machine?

2. Why Do You Run a PDF on a Virtual Machine? 

3. How to Install and Run PDF Reader Pro on Virtual Machine?

4. How does PDF Reader Pro Improve Work Efficiency on Virtual Machine?

What is Virtual Machine?

Firstly, let’s get a preliminary understanding of the Virtual Machine. A virtual machine (VM) is a virtual environment that functions as a virtual computer system with its own CPU, memory, network interface, and storage, created on a physical hardware system. VMs are isolated from the rest of the system and allow multiple different operating systems to run simultaneously on a single computer.


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Before setting up a virtual machine, you should choose a virtual machine app. There are several VM apps for you to choose from: VirtualBox(completely free), VMware Player, VMware Fusion(market to Mac), Parallels Desktop(market to Mac), etc. Once you decided on a VM app, you can download and install it just like common software. Finally, you can create a new virtual machine through the VM app.


Why Do You Run a PDF on Virtual Machine? 

  • Improve Work Efficiency

Just like the customer we mentioned above, what if you get used to operating PDF Reader Pro on a certain system, but one day you have to run it in a totally new system environment? It must be time-consuming to adapt to the new operating interface. Virtual machine helps you to edit PDF files in a familiar environment by creating a virtual system, which can greatly improve work efficiency.

  • Easily Clone File

Sometimes, a system crash is inevitable when lots of software run simultaneously. You may take days to replace physical servers hit by a disastrous event. Virtualized environments take only minutes to bring up again so that you can quickly replicate or copy your PDF files.


How to Install and Run PDF Reader Pro on Virtual Machine?

1. Firstly, download PDF Reader Pro from the website, then you will get an installation Kit;

2. Launch the virtual machine, open the installation package through the virtual machine, then install PDF Reader Pro on the virtual machine;

3. Now, you can run PDF Reader Pro on VM just like you did on a real computer.


How does PDF Reader Pro Improve Work Efficiency on Virtual Machine?

Why do we recommend you choose PDF Reader Pro? PDF Reader Pro is well compatible with virtual machine systems, so you can process PDFs in the virtual environment smoothly. What PDF Reader Pro can offer you in the virtual machine is its powerful features that we are going to introduce to you in the following.

  • Best PDF Converter

The biggest advantage of PDFs is that it keeps the same content and layout no matter which device you use to view it. However, it is a complicated situation if you want to modify the text and make some changes to a PDF. The best way to fast edit the text and adjust the layout is by converting PDF to Word, or other editable formats. 

PDF Reader Pro helps you to fast convert PDF to Word, PPT, Excel, Text, or Image. Click PDF to Word to know more about it! 



  • Easily Organize Page

When distributing tasks to your group, a proper way is to split the huge PDF file into several separate sections corresponding to different members to clarify their tasks quickly. Sometimes, you will receive lots of files. Merging them into one can facilitate you to manage and view the files. PDF Reader Pro makes it easy to merge and split files,  compress documents, and extract pages from a PDF.

  • Create Fillable Form

Standard documents such as tax forms, questionnaires, or applications are always based on forms in PDF format. In order to make it easier to fill out the form online, government departments and enterprises had better create a fillable form for their citizens or clients.

PDF Reader Pro is ideal for creating forms as it provides you with various tools, such as Text Field, Chech Box, Radio Button, List Box, Combo Box, Botton, and Signature. Click Create Form to get video instructions.

  • Secure PDF File

To protect the ownership of content and prevent leakage of confidential information, you can add passwords, insert watermarks, or redact file to secure your document with PDF Reader Pro. Click secure PDFs to get a step-by-step guide. 

  • Edit PDF Freely

Want to add, modify, remove, or change the color and size of the text in PDF without converting?  Click Edit PDF on the toolbar to begin your work, which allows you to easily change the content in a few minutes! Tap Edit PDF to get more information.



If you are eager to process your PDF documents on a virtual machine, we highly recommend you download PDF Reader Pro. Never mind giving us valuable advice at [email protected]. For a better experience on PDF Reader Pro, we offer you a 7-day-free trial, click Download to have a try! Hit PDF Reader Pro Windows to have a comprehensive understanding of us.

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