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How to Add a Stamp in PDF?

The Stamp tool provides you with a list of predefined stamps, such as the Standard business stamps and the Dynamic stamps, which display information about your name, date, and time obtained from your device. You can also customize stamps based on your own needs.


Apply a Stamp

1. Enter reading page -> Tools 1619514451305253.png

2. Select Stamp 1619514479552176.png on the toolbar, then the Stamp panel will show up;

3. In the Stamp panel, choose a category from the menu, and then select a stamp:

    1) Choose from Standard, and you will get an ordinary stamp; 

    2) Choose from Dynamic, you can create a dynamic stamp consisting of an Author and a Date. Note that you can only change the format of the date, but not its values because this information is based on the device's default setting for the date;

    3) Alternatively, you can also choose Custom to create a customized Image Stamp or Text Stamp;

4. Then click the area where you want to add a stamp on your PDF document;

5. To remove the stamp, right-click it and select Delete.


Create a Custom Stamp

1. Choose Tools 1619514451305253.png -> Stamp 1619514479552176.png -> Custom;

2. To create an image stamp: click Image Stamp, select a filename with the extension PNG/JPG/JPEG/BMP/GIF/TIFF in the Open dialogue box, and then click Open to import the image as a stamp;

3. To create a text stamp, click Text Stamp, and then type in Text to name your stamp. You can also select a Style and click to apply Date and Time to the stamp. Ultimately, choose Add to insert the stamp to your document, or click Cancel to stop your customization;

4. If you want to delete a custom stamp in the list, please do the following steps:

    1) Choose Tools -> Stamp -> Custom;

    2) Move your mouse cursor over the stamp, click × at the top-right corner and select Yes in the pop-up window. Alternatively, rigtht-click the stamp and then select Delete to remove this stamp or choose Delete All to clear all the customized stamps in the list. Note that the stamp added to the document will still be maintained.


Change the Location and Appearance of a Stamp

1. Do one of the followings to change the stamp's location or appearance: 

    1) Drag the stamp to a new location if you want to move it;

    2) Click the stamp, select a corner or an edge to resize it;

    3) Right-click the stamp, and then select Delete to remove it.

    4) If you want to add the same stamp in different places, right-click and choose Copy or press Ctrl + C, then right-click and choose Paste or press Ctrl + V.



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