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How to Annotate PDF with Freehand by PDF Reader Pro?

Create the Freehand Drawings

1. Enter reading page -> Tools 1619511685423906.png


2. Select Freehand 1619511732335556.png on the toolbar, and create drawings freely on the designated area;

3. The eraser is available to remove the undesired annotations. A Ruler and a Protractor are provided to help you draw a straight line or a perfect circle;

7  突出显示、下划线、波浪线、删除线注释-3

    1) To use Eraser: Click the eraser icon ic_propertybar_eraser@2x, then click the drawing that you want to delete;

    2) To use Ruler or Protractor

         i. Click the ruler ic_propertybar_ruleror protractor icon ic_propertybar_protractor@2x, when it appears on the document page, move it to the position you want to draw. 

         ii. Slide the mouse wheel to adjust the angle of the Ruler or Protractor

         iii. Start dragging from any point you want on the edge of the ruler or protractor, then stop drawing when a straight line or a perfect circle is created.

4. Ultimately, click Done when you finish your freehand drawing.


Delete the Freehand Drawings

1. During the drawing:

    1) If you aren't satisfied with your freehand drawings, click Undo ic_btn_undo@2x or press Ctrl + Z to revoke;

    2) You can click Redo ic_btn_redo@2x or press Ctrl + Shift + Z to recover the previous undo operation;

    3) Click Clear ic_btn_clearto remove all your works. Note that once this command is issued, you cannot get all the deleted freehand drawings again.

2. After finishing drawing: 

    1) To remove the annotation, right-click the annotation and select Delete

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    2) You can also select the annotation and press Delete on your keyboard.



Edit the Freehand Drawings

You can change the Color and Line Width on the side panel:

1. To change the Color: Click the annotation, choose the color provided, or customize in your preference;

2. To change the Width: Select the annotation, control the Line Width slider to finish the adjustment.




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