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How to Annotate PDF with Anchored Note?

The Anchored Note has a note icon and a pop-up note box where you can input texts. You can add an anchored note anywhere on the current page or the area beside your document.


Do the followings to add an Anchored Note to your PDF:

1. Enter reading page -> Tools 1619512747487594.png


2. Select Anchored Note 1619512774669568.png on the toolbar;

3. Tap anywhere on the page to add comments;

4. Type the text in the pop-up note box that appears and click OK. You can also type in the Note box within the Properties panel;

5. You cannot change the size of the pop-up note box and the attributes of the texts in it since they are based on the system default settings. However, you can change the Color and Opacity of the note icon to differentiate your notes;

6. To edit your note, double-click the note icon and make changes in the pop-up note box. Alternatively, right-click the note icon and select Note ic_bianqian from the Options menu;

7. To remove the note, right-click and select Delete from the Options menu.


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