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How to Add or Remove Highlight Underline and Strikethrough on Windows version

Text markup tools let you apply marks such as Highlight, Underline, Squiggly, and Strikethrough to PDFs to indicate texts that need to be edited in the source file. They are used to suggest which texts should be emphasized, noticed, or deleted without changing the original contents in your PDF documents.


However, if you need to mark up more texts using all the markup tools, you can do the following steps to finish your tasks faster and easier:


Open the Text Markup Tool

1. Enter reading page -> Tools 1619490030486420.png


2. Click Highlight , Underline, Squiggly and Strikethrough on the toolbar, then the Properties panel appears;


3. Tap the Tools again on the toolbar to exit the annotation mode once you do not need to use Text Markup tools.


Apply the Text Markup Tool

To add markups, do any of the following:

1. Select texts that you need to mark first, then click a tool to apply the markups.

2. Select the text markup tool first if you want to mark the texts continuously, and then drag from the beginning of the texts you want to annotate. As a result, the markups will be applied to the texts when you finish this action.


Edit the Markups

The Properties panel enables you to change the color and opacity of the annotation.

1. To change the Color: Select the highlighted texts, choose the color provided or follow the instructions below to customize one in your preference: 

     1) Click ic_color to open the pop-up Custom color panel;

     2) Select a color in the color palette, or directly enter the Hex code of the color you want in the box;

     3) (Optional) You can drag the first slider to adjust the color Value, and the second slider to adjust the color Opacity;

     4) (Optional) You can select the RGB color model to reproduce a broad array of color for the selected color by adjusting the three additive primary colors, Red, Green, and Blue;

     5) (Optional) You can also select the HSV color model to change the Hue, Saturation, and Value of the selected color.

2. To change the Opacity: Select the highlighted texts, then control the slider to modify the opacity.

7  突出显示、下划线、波浪线、删除线注释-1


Add a Note

Do one of the following to add a note to the marked texts:

1. You can directly add notes in the Note box of the Properties panel to integrate your thoughts, ideas, and feedback, etc.;

2. When the Properties panel closed, click the highlighted texts, and then right-click to choose Note ic_bianqian. The notes can be added or edited in the pop-up note box.


Delete the Markups

If you need to remove the marks on texts, right-click the annotation and choose Delete or click the annotation and press Delete on your keyboard.



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