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How to Annotate PDF with Text Box on Windows?


PDF Reader Pro supports the Text Box tool, which allows you to insert a box and input texts within it. You can place the text box anywhere on the page that you're reading and adjust its size to make it best fit your document. The text does not act as a pop-up note. Instead, it will remain visible on your PDF page.


Follow the instructions below to add a Text Box:

1. Enter reading page -> Tools 1619512539567188.png


2. Select Text Box 1619512583879963.png on the toolbar, and then the Properties panel will appear;

3. Click anywhere you want to insert a text box. You can start typing when the cursor shows up. Text will wrap automatically when it reaches the edge of the box so that you don't need to turn to the next row manually;

4. To delete a text box, right-click and select Delete.


Change the Location and Appearance

1. To change the location of the text box, first click the text, then click the center of the text box and drag it to the position you want; 

2. To adjust the size of the text box, first select the texts you entered, click and drag a corner or the center of an edge of the text box to complete resizing.

3. To change the appearance in the Properties panel:

    1) Click the text box to change the Font attributes:

         i. Switch between the three font styles, Courier New, Arial, and Times New Roman;

         ii. Choose from the four font formats such as Regular, Bold, Italic, and Bold Italic;

         iii. Change the font size from 6 to 36;

         iv. Adjust the text alignment to left, center, or right.

    2) Click the text to change the Text Color, Fill Color, Border Color;

    3) Control the slider to adjust the Line Width and Opacity of the text.


Edit the Text

You are enabled to edit the texts that you have typed in the Text Box, do any of the followings:

1. Select the texts and double-click, then you can edit the annotation;

2. First select the texts you created, then make edits in the Note box of the Properties panel.




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