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How to Add Text Stamps?

Text stamps allow you to better handle documents and track their status, as well as quickly tell others about the status of a document. For example, you can customize the text stamp to "Paid" to mark an invoice in a PDF document, or add a text stamp as "Low Priority" to indicate whether the PDF document needs to be prioritized, etc. Text stamp is displayed above the visible information of the PDF document.


There are steps to add text stamps with PDF Reader Pro Mac.

1. Click Tools  on the toolbar, choose Stamp  -> Custom -> Text Stamp;



2. Or click Annotate on the main menu bar, choose Stamp -> Custom -> Text Stamp;



3. Or right-click on the page you want to add the text stamp, choose Annotate -> Custom -> Text Stamp;



4. Enter the text as you need -> Change the color and shape of the stamp;

5. Select Date(YYYY/MM/DD) and Time(HH:MM:SS);

6. Tap Add, then you can select the text stamp you just set in the stamp list and add it to the file.



Note: If you want to delete the stamp, click the sign X on the right-side panel.

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