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How to Highlight PDF Sentences?

Highlight means that the background of the text presents a certain color, which plays the role of emphasizing the text. When reading a PDF document, you may want to emphasize some sentences of interest or useful information. The highlight tool in PDF Reader Pro can fully meet your needs so that you can keep track of what is important.


There are three methods to highlight PDF sentences, you can refer to the following steps:

Method 1: From Toolbar / Main Menu to Highlight Sentences

1. Click Tools on the toolbar -> choose Highlight ;



2. Or click Annotate on the main menu bar -> Highlight;



3. Then the properties panel will show on the sidebar, you can change Color and Opacity;



4. Select the sentences, the content will be highlighted directly.


Method 2: From Right-click to Highlight Sentences

1. Select the sentences, then right-click;

2. Choose Annotate -> Click the color next to Highlight.



Method 3: From Shortcut Key to Highlight Sentences

1. Select the sentences first, and press the shortcut key Control+Command+H;

2. Or press the shortcut key Control+Command+H, and the Highlight tool will be selected, and then select the sentences.


Note: If the properties panel of the sidebar is collapsed, you can click Properties in the upper right corner to expand it.

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