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How to Stamp PDFs?

Similar to stamping paper documents, you can stamp a PDF with PDF Reader Pro Mac easily as well. You can use three types of stamps, including standard stamp, custom stamp, and dynamic stamp.


1. Open your file with PDF Reader Pro Mac; 

2. Click Tools on the toolbar, and choose Stamp on the sub toolbar. There are three categories of Stamp:

  • Standard Stamp: Signifying where to sign for approval on a document. There are several stamps you can choose. The most commonly used are these stamps: APPROVED, FINAL, COMPLETED and DRAFT.
  • Custom Stamp: You can choose images or texts to create stamps when you need some special stamps. Click here to learn how to customize stamps.
  • Dynamic Stamp: With this stamp, You can edit the author and form of date to mark the time when you revise, approve or receive files.



3. Click the stamp you need to add.

4. Edit stamps based on your need as follows:

  • Drag the stamp to move it freely;
  • Click the stamp, then you can edit the note on the right column, or rotate the stamp. If the stamp is an image, you can modulate the opacity on the right column.
  • Drag the border of the stamp to zoom in and out.
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