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How to Customize Stamps?

With PDF Reader Pro Mac, you can create customized stamps by importing image files from your computer, and text stamps are also available.


1. Open your file with PDF Reader Pro Mac;

2. Click Tools on the toolbar, and choose Stamp on the sub toolbar.



3. Choose Custom on the right-side panel, then there are two options at the bottom.



Add Image Stamp

1. Choose Image Stamp;

2. Select the image you need, then the image can be saved in the stamp list as a stamp;

3. Click it to add, and you can find this stamp easily next time;

4. If you want to delete the stamp, click the sign on the right-side panel.


Add Text Stamp

1. Choose Text Stamp on the right-side panel;

2. You can edit texts on the pop-up box. The color of the text and the shape of the stamps all depends on you;

3. Then click Add, you can create a stamp and save it to the stamp list. Click the stamp to add;

4. If you want to delete the stamp, click the sign X  on the right-side panel.

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