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How to Underline PDF Sentences?

There are many tools in annotate, such as highlight, underline, strikethrough, etc. Underline is the line drawn underneath the text, which is often used to mark important or noticeable text to draw attention. So, how to underline sentences in a PDF file? PDF Reader Pro provides three methods, let's follow the steps!


There are three methods to underline PDF sentences, you can refer to the following steps:

Method 1: From Toolbar/Main Menu to Underline Sentences

1. Click Tools on the toolbar -> choose Underline ;



2. Or click Annotate on the main menu bar -> Underline;



3. Then the properties panel will show on the sidebar, you can change Color and Opacity;



4. Select the sentences, the content will be underlined directly.


Method 2: From Right-click to Underline Sentences

1. Select the sentences, then right-click;

2. Choose Annotate -> Underline.



Method 3: From Shortcut Key to Underline Sentences

1. Select the sentences first, and press the shortcut key Shift+Command+M.

2. Or press the shortcut key Shift+Command+M, the Underline tool will be selected, and then select the sentences;


Note: If the properties panel of the sidebar is collapsed, you can click Properties  in the upper right corner to expand it.

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