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How to Annotate PDFs on iPhone and iPad?


PDF Reader Pro supports a full set of annotation tools including Note, Highlight, UnderlineStrikethrough, Squiggly, Freehand, Shapes, Text, Signature, Stamp, Sound, Image, and Link. You can annotate individually or continuously.


1. Open the file and enter the reading page;

2. For iPhone users, you can directly see the annotation tools at the bottom of the screen. 


3. For iPad users, you may see the annotation tools on the left or right sidebar. If not, please click Annotation on the top of your device screen to open the sidebar. Long press on the icon at the bottom of the sidebar, you will see two blue bars on the sides of the screen indicate the available place for positioning the annotation sidebar.

4. Select the texts you want to annotate and tap Highlight / Underline Strikethrough / Squiggly / Link from the pop-up menu;

5. Or you can tap anywhere in the file, and select Note / Text / Signature / Stamp / Image / Sound / Link from the pop-up menu;

6. To annotate continuously, you need to select one of the annotation tools first, then choose the texts or area you want to markup. There are a set of annotations tools to be chosen, such as Anchored Note, Highlight, Underline, Strikethrough, Freehand, Shape, Text Box, Stamp, Signatures, Sound, Image, Link and etc;

7. If you want change properties of the annotations, just long tap on the specific icon or click the annotation to change the properties like color and opacity;

8. If you want to remove the annotations, click it and choose Delete from the pop-up menu.


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