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How to Add a Text Box in PDF

PDF Reader Pro supports inserting text comments to your documents, which can intuitively show your opinion or comments on the contents that require modification. Follow the steps below to add a Text box:


1. Click Text light_view_ic_font@2x in the annotation toolbox;

2. Tap anywhere on the screen to create the box and type inside the box. Note that the texts will wrap automatically when it reaches the edge of the box;

3. When you are typing, you can see several options above the keyboard which allows you to change the properties of the texts:

    1) For iPad users: 

         i.   On the left of the keyboard, you can tap B or I to make your texts bold or italicize your texts accordingly;

         ii.  Meanwhile, you can tap the blue texts to change the Font, Size, and Opacity;

         iii. On the right of the keyboard, click the rectangle next to the Color to change the color of the texts.


   2) For iPhone users: 

         i.   Tap Fonts, where you can change the font style, make your texts bold, or italicize your texts;

         ii.  Tap Style so that you can modify the Size, Opacity, and Color of the texts.

4. Click Done on the most left of your keyboard to finish adding the text comments;

5. (Optional) If you need to make further edits, tap on the texts you added, then select Edit in the pop-up menu;

6. (Optional) Tap on the text comment, click Copy to add it to the clipboard. Then long press on somewhere in your document and choose Paste in the pop-up menu, then the content will appear;

7. To delete the text comment, tap on it and select Delete to remove it from your document.


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