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How to Annotate with Freehand

Apply the Freehand Drawings on iPad

Apply the Freehand Drawings on iPhone

Edit the Freehand Drawings

Add a Note

Delete the Freehand Drawings 


Apply the Freehand Drawings on iPad

1. Select light_view_ic_sketch@2x in the Annotation toolbar, and a pop-up toolbar will appear on the top of your device screen;


2. Click the Pen icon in the floating toolbar on the top, and you can choose between the Pen and the Mark Pen in the pop-up panel; 

3. You can change the properties of the freehand drawings by changing Color, Opacity light_view_ic_opacity@2x, and Thickness light_view_ic_thickness@2x. Then you can create drawings freely on your PDFs;

4. (Optional) Click the first icon in the floating toolbar on the top, and a baffle will appear. It can prevent the mistaken marks caused by hand touching on your screen during your drawing;

5. (Optional) Do one of the following to delete your drawings: 

    1) If you aren't satisfied with your freehand drawings, click Undo light_view_ic_extract@2x to revoke;

    2) You can click Redo light_view_ic_insert@2x to recover the previous undo operation; 

    3) Click Eraser 图标/dark_ic_eraser@2x and drag to erase the drawings that you want to delete;

    4) Click Clear 图标/dark_ic_clean@2x to remove all your works, and you will exit Freehand. 

        Notice: Once you use the Eraser or Clear feature, you cannot get all the deleted freehand drawings again. 

6. Click Done to apply the drawing to your document.


Apply the Freehand Drawings on iPhone

1. On the reading page, slide the annotation tools to left in the bottom toolbox until you see the Freehand light_view_ic_sketch@2x tool;

2. Click to open the freehand toolbox;

3. Tap once to select Pen, Mark Pen, or Crayon. Click it the second time so that you can change the thickness and the opacity of your drawing;

4. (Optional) To change the color of your drawings, click the colored circle on the right:

    1) You are enabled to customize color in your preference through different tools such as Grid, Spectrum and Slider;

    2) If you cannot find or make a satisfying color through the tools mentioned above, you can select the Color Extractor to extract color from your document

5. (Optional) Do one of the following to delete your drawings:

    1) Tap once to select the Eraser. Tap it the second time so that you can select Pixel Eraser to erase part of the drawing, or select Object Eraser to clean the drawing as a whole;

    2) Click Clear on the top to clean all your freehand drawings;

6. (Optional) Click the Select Pen to select the drawings as needed;

7. (Optional) To use the Ruler:

    1) Click the ruler, when it appears on the document page, move it to the position you want to draw;         

    2) Use two fingers to adjust the angle of the Ruler;

    3) Start dragging from any point you want on the edge of the ruler, then stop drawing when a straight line is created.

8. (Optional) You may see the Slash Palm sign on the top, indicating that you can draw freehand on the current page. Tap to switch to the Palm, now you are allowed to draw on other pages. Click again to back to Slash Palm, then the page can be locked and easier for you to annotate.

9. Click Done to apply the drawing to your document.


Edit the Freehand Drawings

For iPad users, even after applying these annotations to the document, you can still modify their Color, Opacity and Thickness:

1. To change the Color: Click the annotation -> Click Color in the pop-up menu -> Choose the color provided, or customize in your preference;

2. To change the Opacity

     1) Select the annotation -> Color. You can change its opacity by adjusting the slider;

     2) Alternatively, select the annotation -> Opacity in the pop-up menu. Choose one from 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% to change the transparency; 

3. To change the Thickness

     1) Click the annotation -> Color. Control the light_view_ic_thickness@2x slider to finish the adjustment;

     2) Alternatively, click the annotation -> In the pop-up menu, click Thickness. Select from 0.5pt, 1pt, 1.5pt, 2pt, 3pt, 5pt, and 9pt as needed.


Add a Note

1. Tap the handwritten annotation, then click Note;

2. Type into the pop-up note box, then click the Save icon when you finish inputting your notes;

3. Click the Delete icon on the left to remove the note as needed.


Delete the Freehand Drawings 

1. To remove the annotation: Tap the freehand drawing that you do not need anymore, then click Delete in the pop-up menu.


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