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Can I View Annotation, Outline, and Bookmark List in the App

1. Run PDF Reader Pro iOS, go to Documents light_tabbar_ic_file@2x and open any PDF file as needed;

2. After entering the reading page, click light_view_ic_boa@2x on the bottom of the screen.

3. In the pop-up window, it shows Annotation light_view_ic_annotation@2x, Outline light_view_ic_outline@2x, and Bookmark light_view_ic_bookmark@2x.



Annotation light_view_ic_annotation@2x

You can find all the annotations (highlight, underline, strikeout, etc.) and comments you made throughout the document. All your annotations can be sorted by time or page. Switching between these annotations can be easy when you want to review the document quickly.

To undo the action while annotating, just clickundo , and to redo it, simply select redo

To delete annotations, swipe a specific annotation to the left, then tap Delete to remove the annotation.


Outline light_view_ic_outline@2x

If the document you are viewing has an outline, it will be shown here. Then you can navigate the whole file through the outline.

If the document does not include an outline, it shows No outlines within this tab.


Bookmark light_view_ic_bookmark@2x

In the bookmark tab, all the bookmarks you set in this document will show here. 

The default name of the bookmark will be the page number, but you are enabled to rename it by clicking light_view_ic_sketch@2x. Each bookmark also displays the specific time that you added it.


Add a bookmark on the page you would like to:

1. For iPhone users, click the three-dots icon 图标/light_ic_more2@2x on the right of the top menu bar, then select Add Bookmark under ACTIONS;

2. For iPad users, directly click light_view_ic_bookmark@2x on the bottom of the screen to add a bookmark.


To delete bookmarks:

1. In the Bookmark tab, swipe a bookmark to the left and select Delete;

2. Alternatively, click a bookmark to navigate to the related page, tap Add Bookmark light_view_ic_bookmark@2x again. Then a Warning pop up will appear, asking Do you want to remove the previous bookmark?. Click OK to confirm the deletion.


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