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How to Insert Shapes to PDF

You can add circles, rectangles, lines, and arrows with PDF Reader Pro. You are also allowed to edit the shapes and add notes to the shapes. Here are the details on how to add shapes.


Apply a Shape

1. Enter the reading page;

2. To find the Shape tool:

     1) For iPad users: You can see the shape icon light_view_ic_shape@2x in the sidebar. If you do not find the sidebar, please click Annotation on the top to enable it;

     2) For iPhone users: Swipe the annotation tools to the left in the bottom toolbox until you see the Shape light_view_ic_shape@2x;

3. Long press on light_view_ic_shape@2x to select a shape tool including Circle light_view_ic_shape_round@2x, Rectangle light_view_ic_shape_square@2x, Arrow light_view_ic_shape_arrow@2x, and Line light_view_ic_shape_line@2x from the pop-up panel;

4. In the Border tab, you can:

     1) Select a color from the palette, or customize one in your preference by clicking the last colored circle;

     2) Adjust the slider next to light_view_ic_opacity@2x to change the border's transparency;

     3) Adjust the slider next to light_view_ic_thickness@2x to alter the thickness of the shape you use;

5. In the Fill tab, you can:

     1) Select or customize a fill color for a Rectangle or a Circle;

     2) Modify the Opacity slider to change the transparency of the filled background;

6. Tap any place outside the properties panel to hide it, then click on the screen to add the shape. You can drag and move it to the position you want;

7. If you need to remove any shape added, tap the shape icon light_view_ic_shape@2x first to disable it. Click on the shape, then select Delete in the pop-up menu.


Edit the Shapes

1. To resize the shape: Select it first, and you will see the blue circles around the shape. Drag a blue circle at any end to complete your adjustment;

2. To make further edits, select the shape and choose the property as needed in the pop-up menu:

     1) Border Color: Click Color, select or tailor-make the one you like;

     2) Border Opacity: Click Color and adjust the opacity slider. Alternatively, click Opacity in the pop-up menu, then select a value from 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%;

     3) Border Thickness: Click Color and control the width slider to complete the adjustment. Alternatively, click Thickness, then choose a value from 0.5pt, 1pt, 1.5pt, 2pt, 3pt, 5pt, and 9pt;

     4) Fill Color and Opacity: Select Color from the pop-up menu, switch to the Fill tab where you can change the color and opacity.


Add a Note to the Shape

1. Select the shape that you want to comment on and click Note, then type in the pop-up note box;

2. Click the Save icon to save your notes, or click the Delete icon to remove the notes.


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