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How to Add a Link in PDF by iOS version

PDF Reader Pro allows you to insert a link that can be connected to a website, an Email address, or a specific page in the current file, which facilitates you to get some extra information. Follow the steps below to add a link to your PDFs.


1. Select Link light_view_ic_link@2x in the annotation toolbox. Alternatively, long press on empty space in the PDF file, then choose Link in the pop-up menu to enable this function;

2. Drag a range on a page to insert a link. This range is the area where the link is active;

3. You can freely choose from three types of links: Website light_view_ic_addweb@2x, Page light_view_ic_pagination@2x (1), and Email light_view_ic_mail@2x (1) based on your needs:

    1) Website: Insert a link to the destination web page;

    2) Page:  Enter a page number of the current document, and you can be navigated to that page directly;

    3) Email: Embed an email address to send emails easily;

4. Tap Done to add the link, and you may see a shaded area indicating where the link is effective;

5. If you want to edit the link, click the link icon in the annotation toolbox, then tap on the shaded area for the link and select Edit;

6. Choose Delete to remove the link from the document page.

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