Bookmarks, Outlines, Thumbnails & Annotations (BOTA)

To access BOTA, tap   to open the BOTA.

On the BOTA, from left to right, it shows bookmarks, outlines, thumbnails and annotations.

If you want to view BOTA constantly, you can pin the toolbar by tapping .

  • Bookmarks

In the bookmark tab, all the bookmarks you set in this document will show here.

To add a bookmark, on the page you would like to bookmark, and tap  on the toolbar. A dialogue will appear for you to name this bookmark. The default name of the bookmark will be the Page No.

To rename a bookmark, tap  next to the bookmark and rename it.

To sort bookmarks, tab . You can sort by Date, by Name, or by Pages.


  • Outlines

If the document you are viewing has an outline, it will be shown here. Then you can navigate the whole file through the outline.

If the document does not include an outline, this tab will appear blank.


  • Thumbnails

You can see all the pages of this document in a list of thumbnails in this tab, so you can easily jump between pages while you are reading the document.


  • Annotations

You can find all the annotations (highlight, underline, strikeout) and comments you made throughout the document, so it’s easier to jump between them when you want to quickly review the document.

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