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How to Adjust Views?

You can enjoy rich reading modes with PDF Reader Pro such as Slideshow Mode/ Book Mode/ Text Reflow Mode. The zoom level can also be adjusted as needed. Follow the instructions below to learn how to adjust the page size and reading mode.


Adjusting Page Magnification

1. Adjust Magnification with Zoom Tools

  1). Tap the Zoom in or the Zoom Out  in the bottom toolbar to adjust the size;



  2.) Or drag the continuous zoom tool right to increase the magnification and left to decrease magnification

14_2_Progress bar


  3). Or tap a zoom value in the numerical box to zoom the page to a specific size;

  4). Or press Ctrl + scroll the mouse wheel to zoom the page.

2. Adjust Page Size

  1). Right-click any area on the reading page, and select Resize Page ->choose Actual Size/ Fit Width/ Fit Page;

  2.) Or click the numerical box in the bottom toolbar -> hit Actual Size/ Fit Width/ Fit Page in the drop-down list.


3. Adjust the Default View

Click Settings titlebar_settings on the top left corner  -> choose File Attributes and find Default Setting  -> find Fit page as default when opening documents  ->hit Actual Size / Fit Width / Fit Page.


14_4_File Attribute


Adjusting Display Mode

1. Click Page Display on the toolbar -> Display Mode -> view pages with Single Page/ Two Page/ Read Mode/ Book Mode/ Slideshow/ text Reflow;

2. Or click  Single Page/ Two Page/ Read Mode/ Book Mode on the bottom toolbar;

3. Or right-click anywhere on the reading page -> choose  Single Page/ Two Page/ Read Mode On/ Book Mode in the pop-up window.


Split View

1. Click Page Display on the toolbar -> Split View -> hit Disabled/ Vertical/ Horizontal;

2. Or right-click anywhere on the reading page -> choose Vertical/ Horizontal.


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