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How to Jump to a Specific Page?

When reading a large document, you may find it time-consuming to reach a specific page by continuously scrolling down the page. How to jump to a specific page quickly? There are several ways.

Using the Page Navigation Tools

You can see the page navigation tools at the bottom of the page, input a page number -> click Enter on your keyboard, then you will be navigated to a specific page.


Using Bookmark

Once the bookmarks are created for the different pages, you can use the bookmarks to navigate PDF pages. Followings are the steps:

Click Bookmark subtoolbar_mytools_bookmark on the left side -> choose a topic and tap the bookmark to jump to the specific page.


Using Page Thumbnails

1. Click Thumbnail sidetabbar_thumbnail on the left side -> hit a thumbnail to jump to the corresponding page.

2. Or click Page Editor toolbar_Page Edit on the toolbar -> choose a thumbnail and double click to jump to the page.


Using Button

Putting a button on a page allows you to jump to a specific page by clicking the button, followings are the steps:

1. Click Form toolbar_Form on the toolbar -> tap Button and put the button where you want;

2. Move your mouse and click any area to add another button or hit button on the toolbar again to stop add action;

3. Click the button you add on the page and adjust its properties through the right Properties Panel, choose Option -> click Select Action and choose Jump to page -> find Add Page and enter a page number you want to jump to in the box;

4. Exit form editing mode, click the button and jump to the specific page.


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