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How to Navigate PDF Pages?

When reading a large PDF file, you may need to use page navigation tools to jump to specific pages so that you can find useful messages quickly. PDF Reader Pro has a variety of methods that can be used to navigate PDF documents.


Using Page Thumbnails

Click Thumbnail sidetabbar_thumbnail on the left side, and select a thumbnail to jump to the corresponding page.


Using the Navigation Tools

The navigation tools are located on the bottom toolbar. You can jump to the specific page by clicking First Page statebar_firstpage , Previous Page statebar_previouspage , Next Page statebar_nextpage , Last Page statebar_lastpage , or typing a page number.


Using Bookmarks

Once the bookmarks are created for the different pages, you can use the bookmarks to navigate PDF pages.

Tap Bookmarks subtoolbar_mytools_bookmark on the left side -> choose a page you want to read.




Using Search Box

Type any keyword into the search box on the top toolbar or the left panel, then press enter; the result will be shown on the left panel, select one of the results and the corresponding page will pop up.




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