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How to Zoom PDF?

PDF provides you with a variety of solutions to zoom the page, helping you easily view the details in the document, and here are the different ways to do it.


1. Enter the reading page and tap the zoom tool in the bottom toolbar -> Click Zoom in / Zoom out to adjust the size;

2. Or click the numerical box in the bottom toolbar -> Pick the number you need or hit Actual Size / Fit Width / Fit Page to choose the appropriate size according to your needs;

3. Or right click any area in the PDF tab, then select Resize Page and choose Actual Size / Fit Width / Fit Page to meet your requirements;

4. Or press Ctrl + scroll the mouse wheel, you can also zoom the page;

5. Or use a trackpad to pinch-to-zoom. Pinch two fingers together, or spread them apart to adjust the zoom level;

6. Or choose Settings on the upper toolbar, and find the Default Setting in the File Attributes -> Fit page as default when opening documents to select Actual Size / Fit Width / Fit Page -> Apply your settings.

7. When you're in full-screen mode, you can only change the size by pressing Ctrl + scroll the mouse wheel or using the trackpad to pinch-to-zoom.


Note: If the page size is still not suitable after zooming in or out, please check the size of your original PDF document.


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