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How to Use Multi-tab Viewer

When you use PDF Reader Pro, you can open multiple files in the same window, which makes it easy for you to manage files.


Start launching PDF Reader Pro, and do one of the following:

1. Click Open Files from Home, select one or more PDF files and click Open;

2. Or enter the reading page and tap Create a new tab add , select a file to open;

3. There is a window that pops up, choose Open a new tab in the same Window;

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4. When you finish reading documents, click , or you can right-click the tab and choose Close tab, Close other tabs, or Close all tabs;

Note: To set Open a new tab in the same windows as default, you can do the following: tap Settings on the top toolbar -> File attribution -> Default Settings -> Open a document in -> choose Open a new tab in the same window.


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