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How to Use Multi-window Viewer

If you need to work with multiple documents at once, viewing them side-by-side, you can open your documents in multiple windows. This is undoubtedly an ideal choice. Multitasking and comparison between PDF documents is no longer a problem for you. 


Start running PDF Reader Pro, and do the following:

1. Click Open Files from Home. In the open dialogue window, select one or more filenames with the extension .pdf, and click Open;

2. Or enter the reading page and tap Create a new tab add, select a file to open;

3. There is a window that pops up, choose open a document in New window

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4. Or select a tab you want to split away from the current window -> drag the tab to create a new window;


Note: To set Open a document in a new window as default, you can do the following.

Tap Settings settings on the menu bar -> File attribution -> Default Settings -> Open a document in -> choose New window.


You can also view PDFs in the same window with multiple tabs. Click Multi-tab Viewer to know more about it. Click download to try it for free now!


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