How to Add an Image in PDF by PDF Reader Pro iOS version

1. Select Image light_view_ic_picture@2x in the annotation toolbox. Alternatively, you can enable the Image tool by long pressing on the empty space in the document, and select Image in the pop-up menu;

2. Then you can choose between Use Camera and Photo Library in the pop-up:

    1) Use Camera: It allows you to directly take a photo and import it as an image annotation:

         i. Take a photo, click Use Photo if you decide to apply it to your document;

         ii. Otherwisw, click Retake to take a new one that you're satisfied with;

    2) Photo Library: It allows you to select an existing image from the Photos or Albums of your device:

         i. Click to select the photo in your preference, then you can Preview the enlarged image;

         ii. Tap Choose to confirm;

3. Move and Scale the photo you choose and adjust it to the best fit as needed;

4. Tap Choose again, select a pixel for the image from High Quality (1334 ✖ 750), Medium Quality (1067 ✖ 600), Low Quality (853 ✖ 480);

5. Tap anywhere on the screen to apply the image to the PDF document;

6. You will see a rectangle with the dotted line and four blue points outside the image. Drag any blue point to resize the image annotation;

7. (Optional) Tap on the image you added, click Save in the pop-up menu so that you can save the image to your Photo Library;

8. (Optional) Tap on the image, click Copy in the pop-up menu to add it to the clipboard. Long press on somewhere in your document and choose Paste in the pop-up menu, then the content will appear;

9. To remove the image, select Delete

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