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How to Add Links?

Creating a link in PDFs allows you to jump to an Email address or other page in the same document. It can also navigate the reader to a website to get more information on a subject. How to add a link to a PDF file? PDF Reader Pro will give you the answer. Click here to get a video tutorial or follow the steps below.

1. Click Tools toolbar_My Tools on the toolbar -> choose Link subtoolbar_mytools_link ;

2. Drag a rectangle where you want to create a link and this is the area where the link will be activated when you click;

3. Choose one from Page, URL, and E-mail in the right panel;

    • Page: You will be navigated to another page.

    • URL: You will jump to a website to get more information.

    • E-mail: You will jump to an Email address.

4. Type a page number, E-mail address, or a web page URL in the box;

5. Click Go and you will be navigated to the specified interface;

6. Click Go Back to return to the current page;

7. To delete the unwanted link, click the area that you created for it, then right-click this area -> hit Delete.


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