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How to Create Bookmarks

Bookmarks are used in PDF Reader Pro to link a particular page or section of a PDF file. Each bookmark can jump to a different view or page in the document. Select the bookmark tool and it will generate bookmarks for the page you are reading to help you quickly find the location of the page you want to read. Click video to learn how to add bookmarks to a PDF or follow the steps below.


Create a New Bookmark

1. Open the page where you want the bookmark to link to;

2. Click Tools tools , tap the Bookmark bookmark ;

3. Type or edit the name of the new bookmark, and click Create;

4. Click the Bookmarks bookmark on the left panel, so you can find your bookmarks.


Delete the Bookmark

1. Click Bookmark bookmark on the left bookmarks panel;

2. Tap More on the top of the panel, choose to Delete bookmark or Delete all bookmarks


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3. Or select the bookmark page, click Tools -> choose Bookmark bookmark , there is a dialog box that will prompt you whether to delete the bookmark;

4. Click OK.


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