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How to Strikeout Text in PDFs?

When the content in the PDF is useless or wrong, you can add a strikethrough as a reminder. This article will tell you how to add a strikethrough or change the properties of the strikethrough.

Add Strikethrough

1. Click Tools toolbar_My Tools on the toolbar -> hit Strikethrough -> choose the words or sentences you want to delete;

2. Or choose the text at first -> click Tools on the toolbar -> hit Strikethrough;

3. Or press shortcut Ctrl + Alt + S -> then select the text you want to delete.


Remove Strikethrough

1. choose and click the text with strikethrough-> press Delete on the keyboard to remove it;

2. Or choose and click the text with strikethrough -> right click -> Delete.


Change Properties of Strikethrough

Choose and click the text with a strikethrough, then you can change its color and opacity in the annotation properties panel on the right side.


Note: if the annotation properties panel is hidden, click the triangle icon on the right side to show it.


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